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Adds a set of SkyRe-themed perks for broadswords .

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This is a SkyRe-compatible set of perks that operate on the broadsword weapon type. I felt that broadswords needed a bit more love given that the more exotic weapons get some awesome perks that are very useful late-game. Historically, broadswords were used as blunt weapons almost as often as they were used as cutting weapons, so I designed the perks around getting in close and bashing to deal a finishing blow to your enemy.

NOTE: I am looking for constructive feedback on the balancing for the mod. I tried to stick close to T3nd0's existing perks in terms of power and usefulness, but obviously that's a tricky balance to achieve, so if it feels too weak or too powerful, please let me know (with examples).

- Adds a perk to Light Weaponry called "Finishing Blow" that has three ranks. Finishing Blow enables the player to perform extra-powerful bash attacks with their broadsword that can knock the enemy down and give the player a massive short-term damage buff to finish their opponent off. The chance to knock the enemy down increases as your enemy gets weaker, so get a few hits in before doing anything too risky!

Extract the SkyRe_Plugin_Perks_Broadsword.esp plugin to your Skyrim Data directory or use NMM/Wrye Bash.

Delete the SkyRe_Plugin_Perks_Broadsword.esp file from your Skyrim Data folder or use NMM/Wrye Bash to uninstall.

Go here and get the original mod and files and ENDORSE it!
SkyRe-Skyrim Redone

T3nd0 for SkyRe
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit

Version History
v 1.0(3/20/13) - Initial release.