Sapphire Archery Necklace and Ring for Hunters by Valixx
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Description updated: May 8, 2017

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This is a Necklace and Ring for a Hunter. It boosts several things.

I like playing as a Hunter therefore i made those 2 items for me. I'm not always playing Skyrim to make Quests... i'm just sitting in my little hunter camp, Monaghan Camp ( mod by me ), and hunt the elks and bears.

To add the items simply open the console and type:

help archery 4 or help "sapphire archery" 4 ( yes, with the double quotes )

The last 2 items, named Sapphire Archery Ring and Sapphire Archery Necklace, are the items from this mod. Add it with this command:

player.additem 62xxxxx 1 ( Take the ids from the items ).

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