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It deactivates the weather\'s effect and makes the raindrops and snowflakes \"physical\", in a nutshell, they\'ll work as projectiles being thrown at you until you get in a cover (then they\'ll hit other stuff around you!)

Permissions and credits
This mod will stop making Rain and Snow go through rooves and other things that should instead cover you.

Rain and Snow clipping VS Physical Rain and Snow
In the past I made a similar mod, "Rain and Snow clipping" which purpose was the same but done differently (through triggers and editing areas), in this one I tried to do the same thing but without touching any area and without adding any triggers or stuff.

The PROs of this mod are compatibility with any past, present and future area.
The SIMILITUDES are that the fps loss is about the same (?) while my previous mod loaded LOTS of rainy effects all at once and then stopped, this one spawns "continously" rain effects but are a lot less than the previous mod.
Also this mod is NOT compatible with any weather mod that adds new weathers (those which edit the vanilla weathers are fine as far as my mod is loaded after), in the other hand compatibility can be easily added.
The CONS are that, even though this mod focuses on compatibility with any area, it's less "eye candy" and "accurate" than my previous mod, while the rain effects were manually placed, in this one they get "thrown" from above, thus leaving some areas empty sometimes. <- After A LOT of testing done lately with the new version (0.80 or/and above) i manually and accurately placed every ripple so to cover every space, used the vanilla texture of original rain and they're not longer thrown randomly.

How it works
Unfortunately, I suck at scripting so it's nothing fancy, just (invisible) portals set in particular positions around you, stalking you and throwing projectilish raindrops/snowflakes at you.
You can see how it exactly works by taking a look at the source code, and if you're a pro, any suggestion to make it better is welcome!

  • Climates of Tamriel 2.1 IS compatible.
  • Frostfall IS compatible.
  • Any past/present/future area (tents, in-world houses, cities...) IS compatible.

Test of save file size
I didn't use any tool to test it, just manually did it by playing with a new character with no other mods other than mine (in some cases) and Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor, it may not be the best method probably, but it was the best I could think of, so while it may give a good idea of how resource-eating my mod is, you shouldn't trust this test 100%.

Save file (with Physical Rain just installed): 3.006KB
Save file (After 10 minutes of gameplay with Physical Rain): 3.110KB

Save file (After uninstall of Physical Rain and using the same save file): 3.112KB
Save file (After 10 minutes of gameplay after uninstalling Physical Rain): 3.117KB

Another new Save File (Without Physical Rain): 2.990KB
the new save file (Without Physical Rain still, after 15 minutes of playing): 3.114KB

So in a nutshell, I think (in my opinion) after this test that surely it does impact on the save file size but after uninstalling it and thus breaking the check loop (and deleting the rest) it will be, for the most, cleaned (also, keep in mind that lots of factors play in the save file size, making this test even more less accurate).

1. Extract the files from the .rar you just downloaded;
2. Move them inside skyrim's data folder;
3. Activate Physical_Rain.esp.

1. Open console and type "Set XI_gKeepUpdating to 0";
2. Save once you get the notification message saying it's uninstalled;
3. Deactivate and delete the mod and all its files.

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