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This is the Sword Of Dovahkiin, the Dragonborn's ultimate weapon for defeating any foe foolish enough to get in his way in Skyrim.

The Sword Of Dovahkiin has 75 base damage, increased attack speed to 1.7 times that of normal and an enchantment with unlimited charges called "Dovahkiin's Fury", which has the following effects:
- Staggers enemies enemies on hit.
- +135 armor ignoring damage
- Soul Trap for 10000000 seconds on hit

There are two versions of this enchantment, one with the Disarm effect and the other with the Unrelenting Force effect. The Disarm effect might be more desirable because when pulling off killmoves they may not register due to the Fus Ro Dah effect and the npc will bug and become unkillable.

How to install:
Just extract the zip directly into the Skyrim directory, or use NMM.

This weapon is disenchantable. I used the Nightingale Blade as the weapon's model. I also placed the visual effect from the Elemental Fury dragon shout.

The blade has a respawn on the side table to the left of the Jarl's throne in Dragonsreach approaching from the entrance as shown in the images section for this mod.

I built this mod using Kasualty21 and LittleJoeC's Halo Gravity Hammer, I used and modified their gravity hammer effect in the mod.