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Sea Elves
UNP Only! I will not be making any variations, it's easy enough to replace the models yourself. :)

Updated!! IMPORTANT: Delete your old install first! Otherwise you will have problems. New folder layout because I got sick of clicking through a bunch of folders... fixed the left-hand not showing up in combat. It should work now. Also I went and fixed up the male bodies so that the textures and stuff all point to the install location instead of the vanilla location.

Lore of the Moarmer
Sea elves, or the Maormer, live on an island south of Summerset, they are a tribal folk who are not really friendly with the High Elves; in fact, the two races hate each other violently. They are a race with high amounts of Magicka, and can summon sea creatures to fight for them.

This mod provides a fully working race of sea elves. It is made for Tropical Skyrim in mind, but it does not require it (you can play them in Vanilla Skyrim, but why would you? lol). They have increased Magicka, but they are not over-powered.

Archery 5
Stealth 10
Conjuration 10
Speech 5
1h Weapons 5
Light Armour 5
Magicka 100

Racial Spells
Waterbreathing - same as the Argonian racial.
Sea Elf Race - same as the wood elf racial.
Summon Storm Spirit - summons a storm spirit (atronach); it should level up with the player.

New Character Customizations
14 new eye colours based on Eyes of Beauty
1 new skin texture based on Mature Skin
4 new hair colours
7 new skin colours
1 new scar pattern (in complexion slider)
1 new underwear texture - variations will be found in my Tropical Layer Bikini mod (soon).

Installation How-to:
Until I figure out how to setup the download to work with NMM you will have to install it manually. Simply take the files in the zip file and drop them in the /data folder wherever your Skyrim install directory maybe. This mod will most likely CTD your game if you do not have the race compatibility mod installed... which you is linked below

Important Notes:
* Having trouble with the skin colours looking the way they should and the hair colours being blindingly bright, so just adjust them a little with the Race menu.
* Male Maormer use the same skin, hair and eye colours as the female, but they do not have a custom body location (yet). For now they will use the same body/skin replacer as the vanilla races do.
* When using hair mods, do not have more than two activated or you will get CTDs.

Ethereal Elven Overhaul
Latest version of the Race Compatability. <-- VERY IMPORTANT!!!
Latest version of SKSE.

Highly Reccomended Mods for Better Sea Elves
Race Menu - This awesome mod will let you tweak everything in the chargen and a few more things as well. Comes with a nifty RGB colour slider for added colour diversity.
Freckles for Females - replaces the dirt slider and dirt colour with freckles.
Apachii's Skyhair - the long dreadlocks would look pretty cool I think.
Radioragae's Oblivion hairpacks for Skyrim (or the male version).
Nuska's Real Skin for Women - adds in a whole new chargen tri, allows you to adjust the fullness of lips and width of the nose as well as making certain other things better looking than vanilla.
Tropical Skyrim - even though I was going to make a sea elf race before this overhaul came out, I got motivated to finish my mod.
Live Another Life - I love this mod! It allows you to start as so many different things, and if you really like the vanilla start, then it has an option for that too!

Credits and Thanks
Maevan2 - for allowing me to use her Mature Skin texture.
LogRaam - for letting me include my variants of Eyes of Beauty (not required for this mod).
Nuska - I used her Wood Elf normal map (with permission) from her EEO mod.
Dimon99 - for the base UNP body,
Calyps - for the UNPB body.
MrTroubleMaker - for the UNPB Layer Bikini conversion.
Anano - for the Layer Bikini and the psd resource file.
Wast1980 - for the Hardened Body normal maps, and the Body Paint mod.
Betterbecause - their BI Phenotypes resource files.
Xenius - because without his Scarface mod, I wouldn't have learned how to make scar pattern textures.
Soolie - even though I didn't use anything from his Tropical Skyrim mod.
And finally, Bethesda (of course).

Screenshot Mods
In these screenies I used Project Reality's ENB, the location for most of the screenies is on the north bridge in Ivarstead, and the starting jail cell of Live Another Life.