Explosive and Rotten Easter Eggs by KahjiitRaj
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Boom! Splat! Happy Easter!

These mods are "just for fun" mods made to augment my Easter Egg Hunt mod.

Blast deadly eggs from your hands! Launch putrefied eggs from your hands! Egging has never been so lethal!

Find the Strong Box on a barrel in front of Warmaiden's, Whiterun's Blacksmith Shop. Inside the box you will find the Explosive Easter Eggs and Rotten Easter Eggs Spelltomes. Learn the spell. Then equip it from the Magic menu under the destruction spells section. Lob your Explosive and/or Rotten Easter Eggs!

Don't forget to check out the video below or in the video section. (Note: The video shows both the Explosive (right hand) and Rotten (left hand) Easter Egg mods)

You can use both of these mods together or pick and choose.


Explosive & Rotten Easter Eggs Movie

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Install using the Nexus mod manager or download the .7zip file and extract it into your Skyrim/Data directory.