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SKSE 1_06_16 +
Sky_UI 4.1 +

Installing Data folder into your Skyrim directory(on your tools or manual install).
If you updating from older version, I recommend that make a clean data.(Deactivate "SSAssist.esp" and save your game once)

 When if the keys or MCM configuration(and more) does not work, please put "SSAssist.esp" in upper load order.

First, I'm not good at English.

This mod assists for your capture the screen.
It applies the following effect when push the key.

  • TFC Key : Toggle fly camera (default:F1)
  • TM Key: Toggle menu show or hide (default:F2)
  • FOV Key:Adjust Field of View (default:F4)
  • Hold down the mouse wheel up and down - Change FOV between 10 to 150.
    Just short press - Reset default FOV.
  • SlowMotion Key : Toggle Slowmotion (default:F3)
  • Full Key : Fly camera, Hide menu, and Adjust fly camera speed all at once (default:Right Shift)
  • Full-tfc1 Key : Stop time, Fly camera, Hide menu, and Adjust fly camera speed all at once (default:Right Ctrl)

It will not have to enter the console commands each time for shooting.:)

If you toggle changed by "Full Key", don't return it by "Full-tfc1 Key"!!
Of course, opposite pattern too.
In that case, try reload your game.

You can configure or toggle all keys. And SUCSM select between 1 to 20 from MCM.(10 is 100%)
Change your taste.

*Change log
v1.4 - Add key_toggle and SUCSM_slider on MCM. And a few script change
v1.31 - Small script fix
v1.3 - Fixed UFOCam in first-person-view and a part of script
v1.2 - Fixed UFOCam cannot Z-axis move(Thank you himika!!)
v1.1 - Small change(Ajust fly cam speed), and support Skyrim1.9.32
v1.0 - First upload



"Please! You are not allowed to upload files to other sites, under any circumstances."


<Special Thanks>
himika - dll compiling, FOV scripting and more.
tktk - Adviced MCM scripting.

"Without their advices, I could not be completed. Thanks so much!"

Bethesda Softworks
SKSE Team -
Sky_UI MCMQuickstart -