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Fixes the summoning/atronach stone bug, as well as the broken Potent Storm Thrall spell. A must-have for anyone using conjuration spells or even a certain Dark Brotherhood power.

Permissions and credits
A simple mod to fix conjuration/summoning spell bugs. In this version, three bugs are fixed:

1. Summoning spells no longer fail because of the player's spell absorption from Atronach stone, or Magic Resistance. This applies for all of the summoning spells, including powers.

2. Potent Storm Thrall works correctly, instead of being a permanent version of Potent Storm Atronach. The correct version is a fair bit more powerful.

3. Quick Reflexes and Shadow Warrior will now work even on high absorption characters.

Known bugs:

- The descriptions and effect names of the spells (but not the names of the spells themselves) will be in English regardless of your game's language. This is not fixable at the moment.

Copy the "Conjuration & summoning fixes.esp" file over to your skyrim\data directory, and enable it in the Skyrim launcher. Alternatively, add the file name to plugins.txt located (by default, in Windows 7) in c:\users\(your username)\appdata\local\skyrim, and set plugins.txt to read-only.

v 1_02
- Added Quick Reflexes fix
- Added Shadow Warrior fix
v 1_01
- Added Call of Valor fix
v 1_00
- Initial Release