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Thanks Brodual and insane0hflex for the videos!

Spanish translation

Some people have reported that they're finding guard outfits on the floor. I've uploaded a new file which doesn't affect guards. It's in the optional downloads. Test it and come back with feedback please.
Keep in mid that if a guard was previously affected by the mod, the problem isn't going to be solved instantly, so wait until them respawn.

Have you ever wondered why the Dragonborn is the only one person in Skyrim who has thought about improving his armor or weapon? This mod fixes this by adding improved weapons and armor to enemies. Now enemies are more dangerous but killing them is also more rewarding. Let's go slaughtering some bandits to get a new legendary sword!
Keep in mind that not all enemies wear upgraded gear and items with high qualities like epic and legendary are very hard to find. Moreover, you won't find them at lower levels.
It works with custom items and enemies added by other mods.

Details about upgrades levels
The probability of finding upgraded gear follows a geometric progression (the following values, approximately):
50% fine
25% superior
12% exquisite
6% flawless
3% epic
1.5% legendary
0.7% legendary + 1
0.4% legendary + 2

The maximum upgrade level depends on the NPC level. The upgrade level increases each 5 levels:
NPCs with levels within 1-4 will only have fine items.
NPCs with levels within 5-9 will have items upgraded up to superior.
NPCs with levels within 10-14 will have items upgraded up to exquisite.

For example, you'll be able to find legendary upgrades in enemies of at least level 25.


Compatible Mods
All mods.

Load Order
Place this mod after "Sound Propagation Overhaul" (I had to include a few sounds of gear being equipped in a new sound category and Sound Propagation Overhaul also changes that).

Q: Does this mod work with <insert_mod_here>?
A: Yes. No exceptions.

Q: Does this mod alter leveled lists?
A: No. It uses SKSE to dynamically affect gear.

Q: I've set the probability to 100 but I still find NPCs with items without upgrades, why?
A: Certain conditions have to be achieved so that the effect can be applied and it doesn't always happen. That's why I haven't written the symbol "%". Consider the probability as a magnitude, not as a percentage.

Q: I'm not finding improved items :(
A: Check if the quest is running: type in the console GetQR UWAQuest. It should return 1, but if it returns 0, that's the problem. To solve it type in the console ResetQuest UWAQuest.

Q: Should I endorse this awesome mod?
A: Yes. Definitely.

v1.2 - Added MCM menu to customize the probability of getting upgraded items.
v1.1.1 - Fixed the problem with the sound of equipping gear.
v1.1 - Fixed the problem with the sound of equipping gear (It wasn't fixed lol, there was a problem when applying the script to multiple enemies at the same time).
v1 - Initial release.

Some people have reported that they're finding outfits on the floor. I'm trying to find a solution.
Let me know it in the comments if you find something wrong.

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I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive/correct/understand me if I make a mistake ;)