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Last updated at 2:34, 4 Jan 2016 Uploaded at 6:38, 17 Mar 2013

I prefer easy navigable homes, Dwemer ruins and vaults so I decided to combine these elements into one. I want to get in, drop my loot,
categorize or display them, then get out. Simple as that.

The main entrance uses an item called the Vault Lexicon that acts as the main key. When inserted into the Lexicon stand, the switches
to open the entrance will open. When removed, the switches will close.

The inside of the vault is unfortunately not similar to the layout of vaults in the Fallout series. It is composed of a main hallway and
each room distributed to each corner of it (a total of 3 main rooms). I
added switch pads to further make navigation easier (unless you like to
walk through the hallway) making it easier to drop in and get out.


● Skyrim (Latest Version)
● Dawnguard

● 12 display mannequins
● 9 Large, weapon display cases
● 12 Small, dagger display cases
   ● 2 Small display cases
● 20 Weapon Rack Plaques
   ● 1 Weapon Rack Plaque that is unusable
● 24 Book Shelves (Which holds 12 books each)
● Dragon Priest Display Busts (Not including Dragonborn masks)
Dragon Claw Display
● The 9 Divine Altars
● A Dwarven Spider Scavenger (Invincible) who carries 10,000 gold and sells alchemy ingredients
● A Dwarven Sphere (Invincible) who patrols the main corridor
● Transfer pads for quick access to the main 4 rooms (Entrance, Forge, Study and Bedroom)
Dwemer Forge (Skyforge + Gunmar's Forge), Equipment Upgrade Stations, Alchemy and Enchantment tables
● Woodcutting Block, Tanning Rack and Cooking Pot
● Navmeshed (which allows followers to follow you inside)

:: IDs ::
030B8BFD - Vault Lexicon
xDwemerRuin01 - Interior Cell

v2.2 (Final*)
*if no major issues are found
   ● Added additional lights
      ● Increased radius of a few current lights
   ● Redesigned interior entrance
      ● Added additional flora (Mushrooms) in interior entrance
      ● Secret door in entrance can now only be opened by using the added chain switches
   ● Added storage pipes
      ● All 4 pipes share the same storage
   ● Added Dragon Claw display
   ● Modified positions of several objects
   ● Modified terrain around exterior entrance
   ● Rotated Map Marker slightly
   ● Corrected spelling of Map Marker
   ● Added weapon rack near wood chopping block
   ● Made a few display cases available for none weapons
   ● Fixed Mannequins from moving
   ● Renamed Dwarven Spider Scavanger to Steadfast Spider Worker
      ● Renamed Dwarven Sphere to Steadfast Sphere Guardian
   ● Added traps
   ● Added collision box to main hallway rug
   ● Divided the original journal into 2 journals
   ● Modified options when using transfer buttons
      ● The option to transfer to the current room is no longer available
      ● Changed transfer menu option from 'Cancel' to 'Do Nothing'

   ● Renamed .esp file to Vulthand - Dwemer Vault
● Remember to delete/disable the previous file
   ● Map marker now must be discovered
   ● Remodelled Forge
      ● Made custom forge (Dwemer Forge) that can now make Skyforge and Gunmar's Forge based items
         ● Made due to mods possibly adding recipes based on these forges
   ● Bucket near Tanning Rack no longer marked as stolen
   ● Reduced space between several objects

v2.0 (Major Update)
   ● Added missing scripts
   ● Remodelled and adjusted each room and hallway
   ● Added "Vault Lexicon" item
      Vault Lexicon is used to unlock the main entrance
   ● Dwemer Repository is now animated
      ● Dwemer Repository (and the switch to open it) will reset when exiting through main door
   ● Renamed "Dwemer Vault" to "Vulthand"
   ● Modified AI of Dwarven Spider Merchant and Dwemer Sphere in vault
Renamed Dwarven Spider Merchant to Dwarven Spider Scavenger
   ● Expanded the back story written in the journal to be more lore friendly
   ● Initial release

Inspired mostly by my previous mod for Oblivion which shares the same idea, but has a much more larger scale compared to this.