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Last updated at 22:43, 16 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 16:55, 16 Mar 2013

Love alcohol, love immersion, poorly written descriptions, or lust looking to download mods? Then you have come to the right place good sir. This mod takes almost all of the alcohol in the game and makes it craftable at the cooking pot with recipes realistic to real life. It also adds several generic alcoholic beverages into the game, both to some vendors and to crafting. The drinks added by me are as follows:

Captain Cruel-Sea (Captain Morgan Rum)

Absolut Mead (Absolut Vodka)

Bud (light)

Miller (light)

Corona (light)


Budwiser (yes, it's purposefully spelled that way)

oh, and by the way, YOU CAN MAKE SKOOMA!

Installation: Get the .esp into your data folder, either through NMM or manually dragging it.

What's planned in the next update:

More brands and further shop integration

If you want to suggest anything for this mod or leave me ideas be sure to do so!