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Requires SKSE!

Long have the citizens of Skyrim toiled under the yoke of tyrannical improvement. Most have dismissed decay as impossible. From windhelm to solitude smiths toil improving weapons and armor for the war effort, but their very work robs them of their hard earned income. For should even the poorest pleb scrape together enough septims to have his sword sharpened never will it rust. Beat the savage hordes to submission with your iron axe and see not even a chip in the blade, no matter how clad in armor they were. But no more! The anti-entropic reign of terror in Skyrim has come to an end.

The Dienes Durability Damager will ensure that your hard earned weapons and armor crumble to dust in your hands. No more will lackadaisically slaughter your way through packs of trolls with your armor undented. Tempered items will wear down to lower qualities with use, non-tempered items can get damaged. Damaged items can become all but useless if you recklessly disregard equipment maintenance. Learn to love the local forge because you will b spending a lot of time hammering the dings out of the codpiece that saved your life!

Tempered weapons and armor will slowly wear down, with the amount of added damage and armor returning to normal. Non-tempered weapons and armor will become 'damaged' on occasion reducing their stats slightly. They will then wear down as well. If you let the tempering on a damaged item run out it might become 'broken' where it will have almost no damage or protection.

Repair damaged and broken items at the forge with 1 or 2 ingots respectively.

This is an ALPHA. Please don't add it to your 300 hour long game and save over your old slots. I promise something horrible will happen if you taunt the scripts. There are some known issues at the moment.

Player enchanted items are tricky. Register your custom enchanted armor in the MCM menu and it should be ok.
Dual wielding not fully supported, especially of player enchanted items!
You will probably have to drop and re-equip your weapon and armor for anything to happen.
Who knows what will end up bloating your save file, probably a chupacabra and you know those are impossible to get rid of.

Alpha thread on the beth forums. Please post bug reports there.

To use: Activate esp, then run the patcher. DienesDurabilityDamager.esp should load before DDD forms.esp, otherwise load order shouldn't matter.

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