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Ok... so you killed Grelod the Kind and got the Dark Brotherhood's attention. Then when Astrid tried to indocrinate you, you decided to kill her instead. Then you went on to utterly destroy the Dark Brotherhood. Now you're a great hero to everyone... but there's one teeny-tiny downside if you're an alchemist.

Now you have no access to the ONLY Master Trainer of Alchemy in all of Skyrim.

Well, say no more. There is now an alternative.

Meet Eilonwy, an High Elf master alchemist. Little is known about her, and she doesn't say much about herself. Rumor has it that she was once an alchemist in the former Imperial Mages Guild during the Oblivion Crisis. This might explain why she seems to have a large amount of daedric ingredients to sell. For a price, she's willing to sell those ingredients and teach you her knowledge.

You'll find her at The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.

UPDATE: Fixed the gray face bug. (Sorry, I'm a slow learner at modding.)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Added a little alchemy station for her to work on.

UPDATED AGAIN: I found out that the mod was affecting Arcadia's dialogue when asking her for Alchemy training because I based Eilonwy's responses on her's. So I rebuilt the mod from the ground up using a better tutorial, so now the dialogue responses for both characters work properly. However you will notice some changes. Eilonwy is now wearing Master Restoration robes and carrying an elven dagger. And her alchemy station is now a full sized alchemy table. Also, I recommend uninstalling all files from the original mod before installing this newer version.