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Adds a small crypt where a bunch of necromancers are holding their rituals.

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This mod adds a small crypt to the area north of Shor's Stone. (See pics for exact location)

It contains almost everything a necromancer would need. (no forge, but necromancers usually don't forge)
To be allowed into the faction in order to use bed and take items, see what these fellows do in the evening and participate. There is a particular interesting book and note on the reading table in the bedroom.
The Master Necromancer also uses the bed but since it's a double-bed and your character is most likely female... well... he doesn't mind. *cough*

Safe storage (once you're in the faction) are the following:
-everything in the bedroom
-3 alchemy satchels
-3 chests in the alchemy/enchanting room
-1 strongbox near the enchanter

The barrels are NOT safe!
They are refilled with food and ingredients on a regular basis. People live there after all.

If you notice any bugs, please tell me in the comments so I can fix them.

Have Fun!