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Potions Cooldown

Potions that restore health, magicka or stamina will have a cooldown of 5 or 10 seconds. During this time they will be 10% or 20% as effective as they are supposed to be.

>> And this works with ALL potions, including the ones you kinky alchemists craft! <<

This was the solution I found for avoiding carrying 100 potions and survivibility depending just on how fast I was able to tap the healing potion shortcut. That was one of the many ways I found to avoid that.

Compatible with anything that don't change healing, stamina or magicka potions effect. That includes "needs" mods like Realistic Needs or Imp's More Complex Needs.

How does it work?
Whenever you use a restore potion (Healing Potion, Magicka Potion, Stamina Potion, or any other effect like that - food and alcohol too) you get a 5 or 10 seconds (depending on the version you have installed) debuff. During that time, any other effect similar to the one of the potion you drank will be only 10% or 20% as effective as it should be (depending on the version you have installed). Also there are versions with visual effects during all the time (so you know when you can use another potion without having to check menu) and without visual effects (some people don't like it).

I reccomend using NMM, since it will guide you thru the choices of cooldown, effectiveness of potions and showing up FX or no. Otherwise, extract the .esp file you want in you Data folder and activate it to load, just like any other mod.

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