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The Thalmor landed in the town of Dragon Bridge, for you to discover why. A new district to the town of Dragon Bridge, 3 New Dungeons, and more than 200 enemies to beat. 2 storylines to discover around the town and the Thalmor, and 10 new interactive NPCs...

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-------------------------FIGHT AGAINST THE THALMOR PART IV------------------------------

--------------------------------"SOUTH DRAGON BRIDGE"-----------------------------------------

"The Thalmor landed in the town of Dragon Bridge, for you to discover why."

- Hours of New Gameplay.

- A new district to the town of Dragon Bridge, fully living, with new houses, a new blacksmith
shop, a new Tavern, "The Dragonmourn Inn", and many new interactive NPCs.

- 3 New Dungeons to explore, all clearable places, including the biggest gold Mine of Skyrim.

- More than 200 new enemies to beat....Face the Thalmor again, and the biggest bandit pack
of Skyrim, of more than 120 bandits...ruled by a powerful warlord and his pack of lieutenants.

- The First Inn / Tavern Playerhouse of the game. WIth your own Inn keeper, a merchant,
a bard, a chief , and a contrabander handman...

- New interactive NPCs : one of the purpose of this mod is to enhance the interest
of the Town of Dragon Bridge, by adding a lot of useful and very unique NPCs in the game
like new marriageable npcs, and much more. See the details below for the NPC list,
a lot more NPC will come in the future..

- A new unique Armor : The Dragonborn Kimono
unique design / meshes and textures by 0Prime0

- QUEST :You can be given the random quest :"Kill the bandit leader of the Mine of Valgus "
This random quest can be given in 3 different places : from the Jarl of Solitude's assistant,
in the Blue Palace, in the Four Shields Tavern in Dragon Bridge, and in the Winking Skeever
in Solitude. The boss to kill will be randomly choosed in a ref boss list. This quest can be finished
as many times as you want, some boss will respawn.

- This Mod is a part of THe Town of Dragon Bridge Location and fully integrated ingame,
it works with sidequests, couriers, vampires(DG), bounties and dragons.

- 2 new skills books to find : "the Dragonmourn Inn" and "Boethia's poisonous teachings"

---------------------------------------------NPC LIST---------------------------------------
- Barnand Beluelle / Breton = Blacksmith merchant / shop keeper
- Fillin / Bosmer = Blacksmith handman / Beggar / Follower / Marriageable
- Caminda Mirel / Redguard = Chief / Food Merchant / Follower / Marriageable
- Nathala Sarethi / Dunmer = Inn Keeper / Food Merchant / Follower / Marriageable
- Nathyne Sarethi / Dunmer = Various Merchant / Follower / Marriageable
- Okan-Shei / Argonian = Tavern handman / Contrabander Merchant / Follower
- Eydis The Quiet / Nord = Bard / Follower / Marriageable

- the other NPCs are actually just wandering in town, and are non aggressive.
These ones like the Thalmor in town, are voiced but without dialogs.
- on the 200 enemies here, more than 50 are also made from scratch, and are real NPCs
with special combat styles and AI packages,like The numerous "boss" you will face.
- More interactive NPCs will be added in the future updates.

-------------------------------------------HOW TO DO-------------------------------------
- Simple as hell : Discover why the Thalmor is in DragonBridge...

- Watch for clues, letters and journals. Investigate, pickpocket, lead your way...

- To kick the Thalmor out of Dragon Bridge, discover two stories around
the Thalmor, this town and its habitants. Clear the 3 finely designed dungeons,
and finally earn the key to the Dragonborn secret apartments, in the Dragonmourn Inn,
which hides the Dragonborn KImono Artifact.( and its Tabis(sandals))

-This mod is a standalone, but for a better enjoyment, download and do first my three
other mods of the "Fight against the Thalmor" Serie.

- Compatible with Dawnguard / Hearthfire / Dragonborn / but none is requested.

- Yes it is Voiced and it Works in all languages.

- Like usual with my work, all is about immersion and the finest design, so don't wait for
popping markers, or quest popping text windows,there is none. You'll have to do your way,
and take your time not to miss anything...Do not worry, whatever you will do, the mod
and its clearable places can be finished in many different ways,and your progression
will be stepped by nice musics and sound markers to confirm you are in the good direction...

----------------------------KNOWN INCOMPATIBILITIES------------------------------
- "Northern Encounters" Mod.
- "More Stables" Mod.
- "Castle Grey" Mod.

- Thanks to Klcjr. aka Itsmetoo.
For helping me with integration, corrections and testings.
- For an additional immersive experience, start the Fight Against the Thalmor Series
using his latest voiced Quest mod : "Blades Vs Thalmor".

- Thanks to 0Prime0
For his awesome design work on"the Dragonborn kimono",
and for letting me use his new meshes, textures ... and talent.
- Watch for his soon coming update for his"Blades Samurai Armor & Kimonos" mod, it will contain new unique designed weapons !

- Thanks to Brodual for his awesome vids.

- Thanks to SamVincentModding for their work for the community

NOTE : the archive includes a free unique wallpaper...take it as a goodie :)


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Thanks to all my suscribers.