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Mod resource of steam powered Dwemer horse model.

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1- This is a modders resource. I'm putting it out there for people do do with as they wish.
And more importantly:
2- IT'S UNFINISHED AND ABANDONED> Please don't message me with requests or complaints. Thank you.

OK so what is this thing?

It's a mesh I worked on for several weeks last year before I completely lost interest in Skyrim and modding in general. However since I did spend a lot of time on it I figure that someone out there might want to pick up where i left off.

The zip file includes the mesh and an .esp so you can just jump in and try it out if you want. The horse uses vanilla textures of the sphere centurion and a dwemer sheet metal texture from the ruin tileset. If you use texture replacers for these files then your horse may look different.

The horse is rigged and rideable. The mesh isn't as detailed as I wanted it to be though and the steam effects are screwed up, but it is what it is.

Anyone who wants to add, change, modify or use this mesh in another mod, feel free. Just please give Razerpony credit for the original mesh.

Happy modding.