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*Requires Dragonborn*

I've always been a little miffed at how we don't have spellmaking, and while I know I'll never be able to make every possible spell combination to please everyone, I put in some combinations that I personally like, in staff form.

First off, the bomb staves.

All the bomb staves explode in a 150 foot radius, deal approximately 400 damage, and have 1 charge. Require 9000 soul power (about 3 grand souls) to recharge completely.

Akatosh's flames - Fiery explosion
Aethherius' Energy - Shocking explosion
Coldharbour's blizzard - Icy explosion

Each can be crafted with 50 heart stones and 1 unenchanted destruction staff at Neloths staff enchanter.

Now my favorite part, the Repeaters. These Dwarven staves shoot FULLY AUTOMATIC streams of fireballs, icicles, and shocking energy balls, respectively. They have plenty of charge, can be filled with around 5000 souls worth of energy. About 1.3 grand soul gems.
Dwarven repeaters deal around ~61~ damage per projectile. This may sound OP, but on Master, you can drain two of them trying to take out a single dragon without assistance from other sources.

Dwarven Repeater - Fire (constant stream of fireballs)
Dwarven Repeater - Ice (Constant stream of icicles)
Dwarven Repeater - Shock (Constant stream of shocking...balls)

They can be crafted with 10 heart stones, 1 Dwemer Gyro, 2 Large Dwemer Struts, and a filled Grand Soul gem.

And here are the miscellaneous staves

Apotheosis - Fire, frost, and shock damage, concentrated into a single explosive ball, deals 89 damage in each element (stacks) in a 15 foot radius. 3 charges. Requires 1 grand soul gem to recharge.
Requires unenchanted Conjuration staff and 30 heart stones to craft

Orb of Confusion - Prolonged exposure to the orb of confusion WILL GIVE YOU CONFUSION. Nah, but it makes targets hit invisible and frenzied. Causes confusion. Unfortunately the invisibility effect goes away once he hits someone.

Magnus' rage - 400% Magicka weakness in a 150 foot radius
Requires unenchanted illusion staff and 50 heart stones

Neloth also will sell 30 Heart stones every few days. I know he asks you to find him heart stones, but I did this to keep you from having to wait a month to mine Solstheim or use the console to get more Heart stones.

***UPDATE 1.1***

Dwarven Repeaters DPS upped to 100 (with all the destruction perks, should be ~68 or so without any perks)
Added Aetherial Dwarven Repeater, at max destruction perks, shoots balls of energy that do 150 DPS (50 in each element). Drains 3 times faster than normal repeaters. Craftable at Neloth's staff enchanter, requires each element of Dwarven Repeater and 10 filled grand soul gems.

***UPDATE 1.2***

Added a new staff named "DurneVhiir's ambition" which summons an army of skeletons. You will NEED this mod for it to work, though.