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More textures best used with/for Tropical Skyrim

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All files uploaded here will be mostly replacers.

I was playing around with arrow re-texturing a little while back and made a tiger hide and leather quiver. And then I was like... well, this doesn't fit in Skyrim at all. And never uploaded it. But then Tropical Skyrim came to be. And so here this is.

Big Grand Ideas, not enough time or motivation:
I'm thinking about doing a lot more reskins best used with/for Tropical Skyrim. This is just the start since I had it on hand already.

Things I'd Like To Do Eventually Maybe List:
Guard Armor- I still want to retain the color feel of the holds and am debating on how to make them feel more junglely. I'm thinking some snake skin belts and maybe just under-fur and leave the colored tunics alone.
Hide Armor - Tropical Skyrim already comes with reskinned Hide Armor, but I'd like to take a shot at trying to do my own. This one will probably be Stand-Alone so you can use both.
All Arrows - Rest of the vanilla arrows.
Clutter and Furniture - To make interiors feel just as tropical as the rest of it. Definitely needs attention.
NPC Clothing - More immersion! More!

Retextured so Far:
Steel Arrows
Bard's Tools - Drum, Lute and Flute
Forsworn Armor
Conquistador Armor

Recommended Mod:
Tropical Skyrim - By Soolie

For those that don't want to give up Wintery Skyrim for a Tropical Skyrim:
I actually did a separate install of Skyrim and the Mod Manager so I could play and mod Tropical Skyrim separately. I think both worlds have their redeeming features and I hope more mods are done for Tropical Skyrim in the future.

If you want to do this yourself (and have the space) simply CTRL+C your Skyrim folder, then rename it to Tropical Skyrim. I also recommend cleaning out all 'Snowy' related mods and such.

When you make new Save Games for Tropical Skyrim this way, they will still be in your main saves folder and will also show up in normal Skyrim. To avoid getting confused, open the console and type 'save "Tropical Skyrim - Character"' or whatever so that you remember.

This doesn't entirely work right:
Also duplicate Nexus Mod Manager so that it can manage your Tropical Skyrim mods. Rename both your Nexus Manager shortcuts Skyrim and Tropical Skyrim. When you load the TS Manager, it will first find the normal Skyrim folder, but if you tell it no, the second it will find is Tropical Skyrim. Now you can play both separately. I don't know how well 'Download With Manager' works now, as I haven't tested it, but I assume it will use whichever one you have open at the time. I've been doing manual installations myself, just to make sure everything I want ends up in the right place.
Opening back and forth the Manager seems to get confused. May still have to play with it.