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The Thalmor sent a member of the Aldmeri Council in Haafingar, to reinforce their influence on Skyrim. Find your way to infiltrate the Aldmeri Domain, and Assassinate the member of the Council.

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-----------------------------------------A MOD BY MAD FRENCHIE-----------------------------------------

-------------------------------------FIGHT AGAINST THE THALMOR III-----------------------------------

-------------------------------------------THE ALDMERI DOMAIN--------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------------VERSION 1.1 / 26-03-2013------------------------------------------

The Thalmor sent a member of the Aldmeri Council in Haafingar,to reinforce their influence
on Skyrim. Find your way to infiltrate the Aldmeri Domain, and Assassinate the member
of the Council.


- This mod is a part of "Haafingar Hold Location" and works with sidequests, bounties and dragons.
- Hours of Pure New Gameplay, regarding to your level, the difficulty and your play style.
- All the places are clearable and included in the main game script.
- Every enemies and special Actors are all levelled and respawning to keep it fun for a long time,
except the Thalmor Commanders, the Penitus Oculatus General, the lieutenant Trebonius and of
course the member of the Council, as they are a part of the history.
- An immersive story in 15 letters and journals to find.
- New enemies creatures to fight : Zombies !
- New items to discover ( 13 in all : 2 armors, a staff, some jewelrys and clothes ).
- There's many enemies and traps, all is about investigation in a dark atmosphere,
sneaking and fun.
- This mod is totally lore friendly and well included in the main game scenario.

--------------------------------------------HELP & HOW TO DO---------------------------------------

- Reach the Aldmeri Domain, find a way to get in, and discover why the Thalmor is here ...

- All is about sneaking, strategy, investigating and atmosphere. All is highly and finely detailed,
so take your time to enjoy fully this mod.Loot dead officers and NPCs bodies to find clues.

-Finding the letters & journals will help you to progress, like he numerous keys to "find".
You will find keys and journals on the inside officiers : Commanders, Lieutnants and special NPCS,
like the Blacksmith by exemple...THERE IS NO KEYS OUTSIDE...just 3 letters and journals.

- You can use the roofs, all are navmeshed and there is 2 traps leading inside, as there is many
different ways to climb on.


- 100 new enemies to beat !!!
- 14 new navmeshed and optimized zones to explore.
- The Domain represents more than 40 rooms and corridors filled with traps, enemies and ambushes.
- 15 letters and journals to discover.
- 2 new map marked noticeable places.
- 2 clearable dungeons.
- All Actors and creatures are well AI packaged with linked references and specially created
factions, to make the mod living, and so you can establish some strategy to progress.

- New opponents classes and races : after the Thalmor commanders and the High Guard you will
now face the Thalmor Necromancers...and some Zombies !

- Zombies : These new opponents are levelled, male and female, and are based on
a modified draugh skin : Their look will change regarding to your level : always nude
or in rags, the bosses have hairs or beards and the basic zombies are just bald.
instead of shouts, they are using simple weps like axes or pickaxes and the bosses
are using the afflicted vomit ability ! They are just strong so prepare yourself !

- New unique magical or craftable items based on rare ingame skins, including a new magical
staff, an amulet,2 enchanteable armors (an army general one and an executioner's one),
and some new magical gloves and a complete set of rare noble clothes.

- I used near ALL KIND OF TRAPS and ambushes in this mod, to give you some fun...

------------------------------------------IMPORTANT NOTES-----------------------------------------

- The package contains a .bsa file with the scripts, the .esp main file,
and separated meshes & textures data folders with the NPCs face gen data exported
for ppl using body/faces mods.

- This version 1.1 is Boss checked, cleaned and tested on the 1.9 version of the game.

- Everything here is about a detailed design, so Please take a moment to look around, don't rush
waiting for something to happen as all my work is about designing some new interactive and
detailed environments to investigate, without any directive line.

- Don't look after any directive quests here, it's an open environment for you to patiently explore,
but the mod works with sidequests, you can be given bounties to retrieve magical objects here.

- I'm French, no one is perfect, so I apologise for any grammar faults or else.


- Yes it is fully compatible with all DLCS but none is requested.

- Yes it is voiced, there is no "new recorded" dialog and It works in all languages.

-if you have CTDs check your other mods : specially those affecting the same area, or the wilderness in a general way -like more encounters mods, more detailed nature, more animals...

-IF a cell appears empty, just leave and re-enter it - it s a load issue.

- If its looks ramming and crashes happens randomly, turn your gfx settings to a lower lvl.


- Thanks to SamVincentModding for their awesome vids and their work for the community

- Thanks to Klcjr. aka Itsmetoo for correcting all the texts in this mod. too much frenchitude ! for an additional immersive experience, start the Fight Against the Thalmor Series using his latest voiced Quest mod : "Blades Vs Thalmor".

- Thanks to my post prod director, Foaman for boss checking, TESV cleaning, and helping me with testing this mod.

- Thanks to Bethesda for T E S.


Please do not rehost this mod without my explicit permission.


Thanks to all my suscribers.