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Last updated at 18:54, 21 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 2:30, 14 Mar 2013

Dragonbane, is an awesome sword (even Alduin talk about it) but it's a leveled item and I hate leveled items, so I've decided to change that while adding a few tweaks and a new proc. This mods will change the five leveled versions of the Dragonbane and let you upgrade or downgrade your version at the Skyforge. (However you still have to recover the sword before !)


* Vanilla Versions:
- base damage 11 to 14
- limited charges
- tempering bonus : Steel
- 20 to 40 physical damage against Dragons
- 10 shock-like damage to anything but dragons

* All Celestial versions :
- tempering bonus : Steel
- unlimited charges
- 40 physical damage against dragons
- 10 shock-like damage to anything but dragons

* Celestial version 1:
- base damage 14
- value 1100 g

* Celestial version 2:
- base damage 15
- value 1200 g

* Celestial version 3:
- base damage 15
- Celestial Fury : 5% chance to deal massive damage (100/s for 3s) against dragons
- value 1300 g

* Celestial version 4:
- base damage 15
- Celestial Fury : 5% chance to deal massive damage (200/s for 3s) against dragons
- value 1400 g

* Celestial version 5:
- base damage 15
- Celestial Fury : 5% chance to deal massive damage (300/s for 3s) against dragons
- value 1500 g


- Yep, it's a replacer:
You still need to find the sword (in Sky Haven Temple). Should you choose to uninstall this mod, you'll get your old Dragonbane back.

- Shock-like damage:
Unlike regular shock damage, Dragonbane's shock damage deal double magicka damage and do not benefit from any destruction perk. I made only one change to it : now the damage can't be resisted with shock resistance.

- Celestial Fury:
The proc deal massive damage that can't be resisted, with a thundering sound and a particle effect.
It's hard to balance that kind of proc since people are using different mods and difficulty settings. However I've tested it in expert and master difficulty with or without my usual dragon overhaul mod and it's looked like decent. If you find the proc too strong you can downgrade your dragonbane at the Skyforge.
And yep the name Celestial Fury is a tribute to the Baldur's Gate II katana of the same name :)

- Unlimited charge:
I wanted the sword to be a blessed katana to use against dragons, a signature sword for the Last Dragonborn... so I didn't like the idea of powering it with the souls of some poor deers and wolves :(

- Value:
If you want to know which version you have, you can use the value of the sword.


Celestial Dragonbane will conflict with any mod that changes the sword or the enchantment. And by conflict, I mean they will try to alter the same things, thus the mod loaded last will win over the other(s).

If you have other mods that allow you to upgrade leveled items, you may have more than one recipe for the same Dragonbane (only at the Skyforge though).

#Insanitys Dragonbane:
I've also added a version of my mod compatible with the awesome redesign of the Dragonbane made by InsanitySorrow: InsanitysDragonbane.
To have my stats and his reskin, you still need to download and install his mod, but do not load his esp.
You can use his craftable dragonbanes alongside but their stats won't change.
If you use his new Unique Uniques load Celestial Dragonbane after.

#My other mods:

Dawnguard Dawnbreaker
Ethereal Ghostblade


Some dragons were harmed during the making of this mod (and their souls were devoured).