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Dragonslayer Does dragon damage, and is 2 handed.The sword Model and Textures are made by myself, based off of the Dragonslayer from Berserk. This basically showing what i can do.. and i am open to commisions for any type of ANTI DRAGON weapon you want...basically dragons are farely easy in skyrim, but if you set your difficulty higher they can be a pain in the ass so for rp purposes aswell as gameplay i made this....

Install :
Place the Files in the RAR into your Data directory which can be found in.. program files\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

When you start the skyrim launcher make sure you check your data files to see if the esp is selected,

You can either buy this weapon from the merchant in whiterun or type the code in the console to get it, To open the console press either " ` " or "~" tilde key, Then type help dragonslayer 4 , and it will show you a list, next to WEAP it will have a number, type player.additem (number) 1 and it will appear in your inventory.