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Ahtar is Solitude's executioner, and a potential follower and marriage candidate. This mod gives him an aesthetic overhaul.

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Ahtar is the executioner of Solitude: you first meet him presiding over Roggvir's execution when you visit Solitude at the start of the game. Once you've performed a minor task for him by chasing down an escaped criminal, he becomes available as a follower and marriage candidate. Ahtar sleeps in Jala's house every night, visits The Winking Skeever most evenings, and spends his days working in the Castle Dour dungeon.

Ahtar is unique in that he's the only executioner in the game (excluding the executioner in Helgen); in the vanilla game he's the only one wearing the unique Executioner armor and wielding the unique Headsman's axe. He's also a total badass and might be the only follower who has a rotten attitude. If you ask him to do something, he'll just bark at you "Fine. What?" It's kind of hilarious.

Unfortunately, I think Bethesda designed Ahtar with the intention to put a hood over his face because he reaches never-before-seen levels of ugly; there should be a picture of him at the top of the Wikipedia article for "grotesque."

This mod fixes all that and gives Ahtar a new, redesigned look, courtesy of my mod Better Male Presets. His behavior is unchanged, but his hair and face are different, he's a little bit taller, he's a marriage candidate, and he doesn't walk around with a 'disgusted' look on his face all the time.

Ahtar has never been a ray of sunshine but perhaps now you can stomach spending more than 7 seconds looking at him; long enough for you to reap the benefits of recruiting this strong 2-handed warrior to fight by your side.

Some players may have difficulties when you install this mod into an existing savegame. Ahtar has a lot of scripts and AI, and his behavior may get wonky the farther into a playthrough you get. You may need to use one or more of the following one-time console workarounds to get his functionality back to normal.

1) Some players may have difficulty finding Ahtar after Roggvir's execution. If you can't find him in Jala's house, the Castle Dour dungeon, or the Winking Skeever, just enter the following console commands to warp him to your location:
prid 198B0
moveto player

2) Ahtar will not offer players his quest if they've already spoken to Jaree-Ra, even in passing. If he refuses to offer you his quest, you can try dropping a piece of armor in front of him. Allowing him to keep the armor will set him to "friendly" and unlock his follower dialogue. And if that doesn't work, you can simply enter the following console commands to set him as friendly:
setrelationshiprank 198b0 4
player.setrelationshiprank 198b0 4

3) Once Ahtar has reached 'friendly' status and becomes your follower, he should become a candidate for marriage automatically when you approach him wearing an Amulet of Mara. If Ahtar refuses to recognize that you're wearing the amulet, you can simply open the console, click on him to select him, and enter the following console command:
addfac 19809 1
After this he should recognize you for the amazing catch that you are.

4) Sometimes Ahtar will walk around with a permanent sneer on his face. This mod sets his mood to neutral (vanilla Ahtar is permanently in a 'disgusted' mood), but it does not always go into effect in existing savegames. If you'd like Ahtar to stop curling his lip at you, select him in the console and enter the following command:
setav mood 0
This change is more of a personal preference and is entirely optional.


There are two versions of this mod; one with brown eyes, and one with green eyes. Choose whichever one you like.

I strongly recommend the mod Improved NPC Clothing - High Res by BaronDavid for the HD executioner armor that you see in my screenshots. And if you prefer a more barbarian-minded look, you can download a shirtless version of this same armor at Revealing Executioner Robes - male - Acer edition by aoki.

No mods are required for installation. You can run whatever body and face replacers you like.

Please check out the following mods that made this mod and my screenshots possible:
Gareth Freyrik - Nord Companion of Jorrvaskr Follower by shadowtigers
Improved NPC Clothing - High Res by BaronDavid
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul (18+)
Revealing Iron Armor - male - noAcer edition by aoki (18+)
Sharpshooter's Extreme Graphics Vision ENB by Sharpshooter8
Beards by Hvergelmir

I love screenshots and would love any you can submit. (And a comment/endorsement wouldn't hurt either <3). Thank you for visiting!


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