1. WheresMyMtnDew
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    Mages have the opulent robes but although I can buy the opulent maid outfits they all have the original bar keep texture... not sure if this is a load order issue but other than the textures not showing up for maids it seems to be working fine (no dark faces).
  2. Jaxgames12345678
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    Do these work on Argonian?
  3. gmanthagman
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    So this makes a lot of sense...
    installed rustic clothing.
    installed this female only, was prepared to overwrite rustic but ... was not prompted.

    the mages have the Opulent mage outfits.
    the female barkeeps and others do not have the outfits in the pictues listed here.

    what the...?
  4. Elisabel
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    i got this error with LOOT:

    This plugin requires "OMageReplacerPack.esp" to be installed, but it is missing.

    Where do i find it?
    1. Viscion
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      You must be using Immersive College of Winterhold. This doesn't use the same replacer as the original mod did, so, disable the compatibility patch for that mod, and it'll fix.
  5. jumarbye
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    Love these dresses - thank you!
  6. livipup
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    Love the designs but they seem too bright in exterior lighting
  7. teethewicked
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    The install seems confusing with NMM. Install V2, then install V3 but choose no for all the popups, then load after V2. I did this but there is no V3 plugin to put after in the load order?
  8. Caboose40000
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    Oh my...

    These are some of the most beautiful dresses I've seen on the nexus.

    As I'm currently going on a dress binge, I must get these.
  9. knightmod
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    talk about brillently done using the meshes of the game to make it universal nicely done Endorsed!!
  10. highhthere
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    These are so gorgeous *o* thank you!!