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Added: 10/03/2013 - 01:24AM
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Last updated at 5:17, 5 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 1:24, 10 Mar 2013

Note: This mod doesn't include fixes for the Dragonborn DLC. If you have the Dragonborn DLC I recommend using Unleveled Items instead.

This mod is intended for Skyrim version or higher. Older versions of Skyrim might not work with this mod.

The Unleveled Skyrim Items mod is a simple, highly compatible mod that fixes the problem of the player receiving inferior versions of various unique items based on the player's level. So now, regardless of the player's level, you will always receive the highest-level version of the various "leveled" unique items you get as rewards for some quests or find in various locations. Furthermore, unlike other similar mods that I felt were insufficient or otherwise incomplete in addressing the overall problem of leveled items, this mod covers all of the leveled items. E.g., it also includes things like Tsun's Battle Axe and the various Lunar Iron and Lunar Steel weapons.

As I mentioned above, this mod is designed with compatibility in mind so the primary changes it makes are to the 'leveled lists' that the game uses to determine which version of an item to select. Not only does that allow for this mod to be installed and uninstalled at will with no side effects, it also allows this mod to be fully compatible with other mods such as the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch which makes important bug fixes to some of the leveled items. This mod also adds concealed recipes to the smelter that will allow you to retroactively upgrade any lower-level versions of leveled items that you have already obtained before using this mod.

All of the leveled items now fixed by this mod:
  • Chillrend
  • Dragonbane
  • Gauldur Blackblade
  • Gauldur Blackbow
  • Lunar Iron Mace
  • Lunar Iron Sword
  • Lunar Iron War Axe
  • Lunar Steel Mace
  • Lunar Steel Sword
  • Lunar Steel War Axe
  • Nightingale Blade
  • Nightingale Bow
  • Nightingale Hood
  • Nightingale Armor
  • Nightingale Gloves
  • Nightingale Boots
  • The Pale Blade
  • Tsun's Battle Axe
  • Shield of Solitude
  • Amulet of Articulation
  • Mage's Circlet

If I have somehow missed any other leveled items from the vanilla Skyrim game (I researched and didn't find any others, though) then please let me know and I'll get them fixed as well.


Either use a mod manager (such as Mod Organizer), or copy Unleveled_Skyrim_Items.esp into the Data subfolder of your Skyrim installation directory and then enable it in the launcher.


Either remove/disable it in your mod manager, or delete Unleveled_Skyrim_Items.esp from the Data subfolder of your Skyrim installation directory.


  • You may not upload this mod to other sites without my permission.
  • You may not distribute this mod without my permission.
  • You may not include this mod, in whole or in part, inside or alongside other mods without my permission.
  • You may not release altered versions of this mod without my permission.
  • You may not release translated versions of this mod without my permission.
  • If I have not noted something here regarding my mod as needing my permission that does not mean you don't need my permission for it. When in doubt, ask me directly via Personal Message.

And that's all there is to this mod. Enjoy!

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