Early Storage by Maurick3
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Added: 09/03/2013 - 01:39PM
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Last updated at 13:59, 6 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 13:39, 9 Mar 2013

This is a playerhome with storage, by means of barrels, chests, pouches, 12 mannequins, cupboards and closets. There is a bed and all crafting-tables are present. (Cooking,forge,alchemy,tanning,armor-bench, enchanting, etc..) The home is free and and has all the comfort to start you of crafting and leisuring to your content. Although this is my first uploaded mod, It has resulted in a Mod that is enjoyed by alot of my friends. :) I will upload a new mod in a couple of months. Months?!... Yes... Months... After all the mod I'm working on, will have a somewhat alternate start. The Mod "I-Split" is available as a Beta. It gives the player the option to "Split" after either Hadvar or Ralof tells you, "Maybe it's better if we split up." It gives you easy leveling and a simple quest-line, that does not disturb the vanilla skyrim questline, but gives you the oppertuniti, to experience skyrim in a different way, that starts at lvl 1. If you find bugs, problems, or are not satisfied by the changes in the mod, please notify me about it. I don't mind keeping my mods up to date and attuned to the wishes of the mod-users.

I also recommend Downloading the ESMusic mod. It's an option that replaces the vanilla music in ES, with Malukah and other Youtube-favorites.
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