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* * * * * Do you like this add-on? You might enjoy my much more extensive remake of the Chemistry system, Alchemy Redone. * * * * *

NB: Tools and Recipes are all separate and you can install one or the other or both. I figured some people would want the bulk recipes, but not the tools, some people would want lore-friendly names AND tools, some would want regular bulk recipes AND tools, and some would just want the tools without recipe changes. So, instead of five different files to make (and maintain, yikes!) I just made Portable Tools an optional add-on.

Alchemy Overhaul Recipes gives the bulk recipes.
Alchemy Overhaul Recipes - Lore Version has the same recipes as the first one, with different, more immersive names.
Alchemy Overhaul Portable Tools gives craftable, portable versions of FOEnthusiast's Extractor and Diffusor. Portable Tools can be used alone OR with Alchemy Overhaul Recipes OR with Alchemy Overhaul Recipes - Lore Version.

Thanks, Galdran, for prompting me to clarify!

README for Alchemy Overhaul Portable Tools

This mod adds portable versions of the Extractor and Diffusor in FOEnthusiast's Alchemy Overhaul.

* REQUIRES Alchemy Overhaul's Chemistry (version 2.7/2.8) renamed to "Chemistry.esp"

Make the new tools at the forge with malachite ingots.

README for Bulk Recipes for Alchemy Overhaul

This mod allows you to create some of the most common intermediaries in Alchemy Overhaul in bulk.

For instance, instead of 1 blue mountain flower = 1 aspirin, you can also make 10 blue mountain flowers = 10 aspirin and even 100 blue mountain flowers = 100 aspirin.

I have included x10 and x100 bulk recipes for the most common intermediaries with the most plentiful ingredients (mountain flowers, lavender, juniper, aspirin/mana/stamina).
There are also x10 recipes for some common but less plentiful ingredients.
I plan to add more as I feel the need (to avoid carpal tunnel) but this should be enough to get on with.

The "Lore" version renames some reagents; "Anima" instead of "Aspirin," "Sal Volatile" instead of "shade." Except for the name, the 2.0 versions are exactly the same.

* REQUIRES Alchemy Overhaul's "Chemistry.2.7.1.esp" renamed to "Chemistry.esp"
* REQUIRES Hearthfire

To add your own recipes:
*Esmify Chemistry.esp with Wryebash.
*Open AlchemyOverhaulRecipes.esp, using Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, Hearthfires.esm, and the new Chemistry.esm as masters. Select AlchemyOverhaulRecipes.esp as your active file.
*In the object editor window, select "all" (at the very bottom) and in the search box "RecipesCompound."
*All the Alchemy Overhaul recipes should pop up. The recipes I added have the same naming convention plus x10ingredientname (e.g. "RecipesCompoundRestoreHealthx10blue" for the blue mountain flower 10 quantity recipe.
*Double click the entry, change the quantities.
*Save the plug-in.
*Go back to WryeBash and espify Chemistry.esp

Thanks to FOEnthusiast for Alchemy Overhaul; it's awesome.

Thanks to IsharaMeradin for the making-an-esp-that's-dependent-on-another-esp tutorial; that's awesome too.

This mod is free for anyone to adapt, evolve, share, fold, and spindle! Open the Creation Kit, and have fun! Please remember that this mod requires FOEnthusiast's Alchemy Overhaul. FOEnthusiast has kindly given permission to adapt zir mod; if you use resources from Alchemy Overhaul, please give FOEnthusiast due credit.