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An interesting animal companion is added to the Whiterun Catacombs.

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The Greek Muse of Tragedy has found her way to Skyrim through the tragic events of one man and his hound. Melpomene can be dismissed and rehired. She is slightly larger than the average dog. I hope you all enjoy and here are her stats. She is found in the Whiterun Catacombs that are in The Hall of the Dead.


Level min of 10 and max 100
Leveled with player x1.5
Base Attack:46
20 Base Health
20 Base Stamina
Is essential
Class=Animal Predator

Skill(min)(Leveled with player):
29 One-handed
15 Two-handed
29 Archery
37 Block
15 Smithing
15 Heavy armour
15 Light armour
15 Pickpocket
15 Lockpicking
72 Sneak
15 Alteration
15 Speech
15 illusion
15 Alteration
15 Conjuration
15 Enchanting
15 Restoration
15 Destruction

AI Data:
Helps Friends and Allies
50 Energy