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As most of you know, I have a few mods out on nexus. As others may know I have remade my Castle Volkihar mod into an Immersive and customizable mod. My plan is to remake all my mods in that line of thought. This is just to let all of you know that I will start remaking this mod soon and it will be customizable and more importantly immersive.


Version 1.65 of the mod unfortunately still breaks the college quests. I wish to apologize for this. I would recommend installing the mod AFTER the college questline is completed. Once again I apologize.
I am always waiting for comment on ideas and constructive critism. I'm always open for suggestions so feel free to give your views. Please also tell me of any bugs you may encounter.

If you want to post your pictures of the mod feel free to do it!

Important: Requires Dawnguard Dlc and the last skyrim update.


Spanish Translation by aittel.

German Translation by Gunter525 .


This mod enhances the College of Winterhold by adding new stuff, cleaning it up, adding way magic sigils, fixing the access bridge adding NPCs, plants, shrines you name it!

All classrooms are done that is Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction,Enchanting, Illusion, Necromancy and Restoration. They each have a teacher who will train you in their school of magic. Old Classrooms have been upgraded.
You can now craft Spell Tomes in each of the classrooms! It is lore friendly (ie; you won't be able to craft master tomes until you have mastered the School).
Two new locations, The hall of teleportation which is pretty self explanatory and contains a new teleportation spell, and the Secret location for this update, The College Crypts. In there yoou will find a unique book, NPC's and perhaps an old friend ( She will only appear after the questline is completed).
All items, Npc's ... that are related to the end of the Questline will now only appear after it is finished.
On the roof of one of the towers you will find an astronomy class with various things.
All Npcs will now randomly cast spells. This gives a real feeling of magic.
I think thats it, please do say if i forgot something!

Note: All the pictures are taken with Project Reality-Climates of Tamriel.


V 1.5: First real massive changes. Added 4 classrooms, the Hall of Plenty and the Hall of Arcana. Added 12 new NPCs, professors and students. Added sigils in each class that will give you a blessing. Added 5 new towers to the college exterior.
V 1.4: Added a lot more plants, and made new things in the Hall of the Elements, started cleaning the dorms.
V 1.3 Added music to the College apart in the Hall of Elements so as to not break immersion for the quest. Added a Shrine to Julianos outside and removed the annoying wind sound from the Archmage's quarters.
V 1.2:Fixed the Bridge Of Winterhold. The textures are not exacly the same but I did my best. It was not easy!
V.1: Completely remade the Colleges lighting with many more lights and more!!

All mods should work with this but mods that modify the College will probably clash... If you see clashes please tell me so I can put them up so people will know.

Sexy Winterhold college is compatible.


Dawnguard DLC and latest Skyrim update.

Recommended mods:

Archmage of Winterhold HD Retexture by Rafuel. Great retexture mod that makes the Archmage's robes feel worthy for the most powerful mage in Skyrim.

Magic Duel - Reborn by Seb263.


Thanks to Blary for his great modders resources.
Thanks to Runspect for his great modders resources.
Thanks for Stroti Resource Pack by Stroti and Tamira.
Thanks to TheFlamingDaedra for helping me with NPC names.
Thanks to Gopher for his Immersive HUD mod.


If you want to make translation of the mod please ask me first!


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