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The head of "The Family" comes to Skyrim, and brought new merchandise and a mysterious behavior.

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[size=7]Paradise Halls - Family Feud[/size]

"Improving the business"



*Sorry for my bad english, is so rusty :laugh:



This is a mod that will introduce the player to the background of the recent arrival of slavery in Skyrim, slowly and advancing in the argument structure the player will moving into the dark world of human traffic without knowing there are no turning back.


Tizoc Tequex "the father", he is one of the co-founder from Paradise Halls "modus operandi".
Itzel Tequex "the mother", Tizoc'z wife and co-founder as well.
???, Master Slaver
En'larc, Merchant
???, Trader
Irandele, Slave
???, ??????
???, ??????
???, ??????


While one of the members arrives to Skyrim some time ago, the "heads" of the family stayed (no one knows where) and settle the network to be independant while they move to another region with the goal of expand the business.

By now, one member is in charge of the first Slave camp, "the father" is establishing the merchant network from the camp to supply the "tools" to the new slavers, and "the mother" is in Witherun with the task of gather information from the peopple reactions about this new slavery behavior.


  • The family is gaining notoriety in Skyrim and is recruiting people for the cause.
  • 2 imperial guards.
  • 1 son of Skyrim guard.
  • En'larc, a kaijit merchant.

  • Tizoc is trainig a beautiful personal slave, i hope Itzel dont be too jealous.
  • Iriandel.

Colored collars:
  • You can aquire any of these with the "Family Feud" merchants (Tizoc and En'larc).

New weapons and ammo:
  • You can aquire any of these with the "Family Feud" merchants.
  • Family Bow of Patience, takes 25 seconds to work and gives you 30 seconds to capture your prey.
  • Family Bow of Serenity, takes 20 seconds to work and gives you 30 seconds to capture your prey.
  • Family Bow of Swiftness, takes 15 seconds to work and gives you 30 seconds to capture your prey.
  • Family Arrow of Subtley, the finesse touch of the family, prevents almost any damage to that precious prey.
  • How to use them:
  • Actually the bows don't act as planned, because the change of the capturing mechanic on PAH 0.7.x. For now they are just bows with no damage.

New place:
  • Whiterun Family Farm, you can locate this farm in your map, betwen Pelagia's farm and whiterun stables.
  • A totally new, very big and open place to put all your slaves to work, harvesting, mining, and choping wood, there they can rest, eat, and sleep when the night comes.
  • How to use it:
  • Go to the farm and tell your slaves to wait, they automaticaly go work, eat, rest, etc.

Tizoc's merchant services:
  • You can meet this character in the Whiterun Family Farm, he can sell/buy from you between 8am and 8pm (all your stolen Stuff too) with around 15,000 septims to trade, he also buy all your harvested crops, any type of mineral and all the firewood you can chop

En'larc's merchant services:
  • You can meet this character in the Fellglow's Slave Camp exterior, he have a tiny stall in there, and can sell/buy from you between 8am and 8pm, since "The family" is so rich because their big network he spend around 15,000 septims to trade with you, so you can sell him many cheap stuff or two-three high priced ones at a time, on top of that he gladly buy all your STOLEN stuff ^_^

Itzel's travel schedule:
  • 6am-6pm, sleep in "Uthgerd's house" (Whiterun), since they are old friends she spare the place with her.
  • 6pm-12am. go to eat and listen to people talks in "The Bannered Mare" in the table where Uthgerd use to stay.
  • 12am-3am. go to analize the war situation around the maps in "Dragonsreach".
  • 3am-6am. patrol the city to analize the night behavoir of the people.

Fellglow's slave camp add-on:
  • New stuff
  • A bunch of idle activities (go and command your slaves to wait for you in there and whatch :happy: )


1.0 to 2.0
  • I recommend completely uninstall the old version, as this new package doesn't require previous files.



  • Copy "Data" folder to your Skyrim game folder

(Do not ask me about NMM installs, I do not use NMM nor alike)

Load order:
  • Official Bethesda's stuff
  • paradise_halls_base.esm
  • paradise_halls_core.esm
  • ... other stuff
  • paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp
  • paradise_halls_fellglow_slave_camp.esp
  • paradise_halls_family_feud.esp
  • paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp

Put it more simple, just load after "paradise_halls_fellglow_slave_camp.esp"


Just delete all the files you installed and forget about it, nice and simple.


None at the moment


Not in particular order:
  • More family members (merchants, slavers, travelers, etc.)
  • Quest related to members and player
  • More activities
  • MUCH MORE background


03/25/2013 - v2.1
  • Just a compatibility update to work on PAH 0.7.x
  • Fully functional Colored collars :smile:

03/25/2013 - v2.0
  • Introducing new some guards as staff
  • Introducing personal slaves concept
  • A new kaijit merchant named En'larc
  • Decoravive colored collars
  • Introducing 3 bows and 1 arrow for submit future slaves, assasin/tief style
  • Introducing new big and open place called Whiterun Family Farm

03/06/2013 - v1.0
  • First instance of this mod
  • Introduction of the 2 first family members
  • Merchant services
  • Fellglow's slave camp add-on