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A new leather backpack based on the vanilla game Knapsack. Makes use of dynamic camping gear models as used in Campfire.

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  • German

REQUIRES Campfire by Chesko


Also compatible but not dependent on iNeed.

Water bottle will show on Your pack if you use iNeed

If not, the water bottle slot is filled with a collection of small potion bottles.
(Potions also show when you empty your water bottle)

Two torch slots, to easily see how many torches you have left.

Pickaxe now shows if you equip the woodcutters axe or if you are using your axe to chop wood.
any other time, axe overrides pickaxe.

All three cooking pots available to carry at once, all can be set up round the same fire.


Knapsacks are now brown by default.

you can dye that standard knapsack any one of 5 colours at a tanning rack using Leather dye.

Leather dye is made at a cooking pot using vanilla ingredients. (recipies are open for discussion)

Once you dye that knapsack you CANNOT dye it another colour straight away.

First you have to BLEACH it at a tanning rack using Leather Etoliate.

(created at a cooking pot using frostbite venom, again recipie open for discussion)

This makes the knapsack the vanilla grey colour. (if you like this colour you CAN add amulets to it)

From this bleached knapsack you can now dye another colour.

You CANNOT dye a Knapsack with an Amulet attached.

You must separate the Amulet and Knapsack at a tanning rack, then dye, then re-combine.

You CANNOT get back to the original standard brown colour. you have to make another knapsack for that.

This is an old upload of a mod for people to try on 32 bit Legendary edition.