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Perfect for dungeons and caves exploration! Great for horse riding (no clipping, no butt burning)! Essential for those with Realisting Lighting mods!

Light staff for dark characters added. No name, no enchantment for now. If you have any suggestion, please post them to PM or comments section. For now you need to use console to get it.
1. Help "light staff", note id.
2. player.additem "id" 1

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Have you ever thought something like: "For the nine divines! Why in the fantasy world of Elder Scrolls torch is the best thing you can get to help you cast away darkness during your journey through darkness of the ancient tombs and countless caves? Why in such a huge world with wizards, dragons, werewolves, bloody vampires and who knows what else there is NO light staff?" Fear no more! Because now you have such a thing.

Meridia's Light is a legendary staff. It's main purpose - replace boring torch in your journeys through fantasy world of Skyrim, especially it's caves and dungeons crawling with undead. But this staff can do more than just cast away darkness. Because of undying Meridia's hatred to all undead staff sets on fire all undead who was foolish enough to step into the light. Burning undead take 3 point of sun damage per second while stay in light of the staff. Staff will burn ANY undead no matter friendly or not. This is not side effect and not glitch, this is how it suppose to be.
You can find this item during The Break of Dawn quest at 2nd level of Kilkreath Ruins. If you already done this quest you can still go there and find it.

Use NMM!

This is standalone item, so it is compatible with literally anything. From version 1.1 you need Dawnguard dlc.

Your feedback is highly appreciated. If you noticed any issues or you just have an advice please let me know.