Realistic Skinning by DapperNathaniel
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Added: 06/03/2013 - 01:57AM
Updated: 24/03/2013 - 06:11AM

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Last updated at 6:11, 24 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 1:57, 6 Mar 2013

Nexus users! I've just discovered that someone else has done this, honestly, much cleaner than I can at this point. If you'd like, check out Hunterborn. His mod covers skinning in a different way than mine does. I no longer plan to add any new pelts to the game, as Hunterborn has that covered, but I do still plan to work on new models and textures when I have time to do so. In the future (when I get better at scripting), I'll add a config menu to toggle certain aspects of this mod to reduce conflicts.

I just want to say thank you to anyone using my mods, I'll get better at this and make sure this deserves its place in GEMS.

Video courtesy of user PattyJack,
Video courtesy of user mattyb89

Video courtesy of user ISAAC93

New in 1.2:
  • Loot lists are no longer modified. This means that the mod will no longer conflict with anything that modifies animal loot! Other mods (such as Hunting in Skyrim) that modify loot tables will now have their items given to the player instead.
  • Animation improved! Should be less buggy now, a short looting animation. (uses in-game loot animation.)
  • When activating (searching) a creature with a dagger equipped, the animation will play along with a message. It will not list what was given to the player.

What this mod does:
  • Requires any Dagger to be equipped to skin animals for their pelts
  • When searching an animal with a dagger equipped, it will automatically empty the animal's inventory to the player. The animals can still be looted normally without a dagger.

Skinnable Creatures:

  • Vale Deer
  • Vale Sabre Cat

  • Netch
  • Netch Calf

Old changes

  • All Daggers skin creatures.
  • Removed Skinning Knife item.
  • Added werewolf skinning.
  • Werewolf Skinning is now added after reading the book Physicalities of Werewolves.
  • Sabre Cat skinning (including Snowy) is now added after reading the book Cats of Skyrim.
  • Files are now a main file with patches rather than four different mod versions. (This is easier on me for updates.)

Future plans:
  • make textures change after skinning
  • Possibly merge Forbidden Luxury?
  • Possibly add perk tree/level skinning?

If you'd like to skin humanoid races, check out Forbidden Luxury.

Install base file for Vanilla Skyrim and each patch for its respective addon.