Agent of Hermaeus Mora by Magikat
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Last updated at 19:38, 19 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 22:42, 5 Mar 2013

This is my first mod nothing replaced still a work in progress.
[NOW regular cleaning]
Steam Version:
DLC's required: Dragonborn

Current version 0.88

Working of Apocrypha home and quest line that will be trying to be lore friendly.

I made this mod for myself because i love Hermaeus Mora and was dissapointed to find you only get a weak conjure Seeker spell and Miraaks gear but am adding it to Steam and the Nexus for any others who want to feel more like a champion of Hermaeus Mora. The spell tomes are able to be found on tables only in the book Waking dreams 2 copies of each spell

I Edited the spells to suit a moderate level mage and am trying to keep them balanced
having the spells for a moderate level makes it a bit challenging at a higher level which keeps it fun.

For spells without a tome you will need to use console to obtain the spells/abilities until I add tomes and place them in Apocrypha. [all spells have tomes currently active in Waking dreams]

The spell tomes are inky black books with a hint of green shine

Spells added: 90%= "done" but open for suggestion

[90%]Seeker Drain - Absorb 5 points of Health, Magicka and Stamina per second for 20 Seconds.

[90%]Knowledge Drain - A bolt of pure knowledge for 60 points of damage to Health/Magicka in a 15 foot radius.
[Bolts are slow but great chance to stagger.]

[90%]Knowledge Barrage - Rapid fire bolts of Knowledge for 40 points of damage to Health/Magicka.
[No radius or stagger but bolts fly faster.]

[90%] Conjure High Seeker - Conjure a keeper of the realm of Hermaeus Mora to aid you until death.[Conjured High Seekers now move 150% faster to keep up with you while travelling][Twin souls compatible][Levels up with you from lvl 1]

[90%]Mora's Embrace - Enemies in melee range have a chance to become infected for 5 points of damage per second. Cloak itself last 120 seconds.
[Causes enemies to stagger]

[1%] Mora's Wrath - Planned

Dual wielding causes the spell to become not only stronger but twice the size
Powers added:

[40%]Acidic Spit - fire a glob of poison like lurkers do. [hope to make this have a cooldown instead of near instant]

[90%]Summon Lurker Vindicator - Summon a Lurker Vindicator once a day for 60 seconds.[Is large so dosent summon in areas too small]
Places added:

[0%]Apocrypha home - Due to problems this will be in a optional file for downlad in the nexus and a seperate mod in steam workshop.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.