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For WOOD elves, HIGH elves and KHAJIIT only.
Becoming a Thalmor Justiciar: the Thalmor in Skyrim will be friendly to you after completed an easy quest.

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Not working on this anymore

This Mod is Only for BOSMER (wood elves) ALTMER (high elves) and KHAJIIT

Other races are not affected.

Tired of disdainful words from human? Being proud of having fur coming out of your ear?

This mod provides you the opportunity to side with the Thalmor.

A video here:

I put the song in the downloads. In case anyone needs it.

What does this mod do?

All the Thalmor will be friendly to you.

For examples:
When you encounter with the Thalmor patrol in Skyrim, instead of kicking your ass, they will ask you to leave, friendly.

When you go to Northwatch Base to save the prisoner, nobody will attck you on sight. (In order to avoid pointless conflicts, Avulstein can't fight together with you.)

In the Thalmor Embassy, the guards will not stop you even if you are not in Thalmor suits. Add a key to the trap door on Rulindil's table. You can grab the key, leave and complete the main quest.

Add 2 Thalmor Followers.

A Bosmer Archer and an Altmer Mage. (classic character design) Starts at level 30.

Enter the Embassy Again.

There is a key to the Thalmor Embassy on the table in Justiciar Headquarter in Solitude. You can visit Elenwen again. (For future quest)

A Song For the Thalmor.

A Bosmer bard in the Embassy will sing a song for the Thalmor, hope you will like it.

You CANNOT join Stormcloak after you complete this quest.

How it works?

Visit Solitude Castle Dour, there is a Thalmor officer waiting for you to join. After a very easy quest, you can enjoy the above benefits. Your apparel and followers are in Justiciars Headquarter next to the dour. For hireling follower, I used the basic hireling lines, try to be compatible for those who have special mods about hireling followers.

Use the original voice.


The Thalmor officer accepts BOSMER, ALTMER and KHAJIIT only.

And for those who already joined the Stormcloaks, this mod will not work.


should be compatible with EFF.

NOT compatible with UFO and AFK.(perhaps turn it off, do my quest and turn it back on?)


Thanks for your kind advice. I am working on those.
There will definitely be some quests in the next version soon, to strengthen the idea of a faction.
I will NOT allow other races to join. Don't ask me again. If you really want to, use console command. "SetStage AD001 10" (And I do not guarantee what will happen)

If you enjoy it and have any idea on how to improve it, please contact me, thank you!

Thank Advait Nemlekar for his beautiful music.
Thank my friends Gloria L., Sophia G., Sarah F. for their assistance.
Thank Mydon and avpke for writing some of the plots.

See Thalmor Companion Guild by nofear88 if you want more followers:
And this mod makes the Thalmor Justiciars Headquarters better: