Hearthfire Lakeview huntershack by Iona_Storm
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Added: 05/03/2013 - 07:06AM
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GET everything from CONTAINERS before updating or installing other version.
This is my first mod. I created it for myself, because i hate big manors from hearthfire, but love the first room and place where house is.
So i`v added everything that i normally need in house:
2 Bookshelves
Satchel and strongbox, 3 safes and chest
4 weapon racks and 1 mannequin
Shrines, enchanting and alchemy tables.
All this appear after u build 1 room.
I don`t know what will happend if u build main hall or change this small room to another tipe.
Mod complitly overwrites the interior of the room, so if u already build something it`ll be a mess.
The only way to rebuild manor is to uninstall hearthfire (delete Hearthfire.esp and .bsa files) then load your game, save and install hearthfire. After this you will not own any house and u can start building from scratch.
Tnx for your time, good luck!)
P.S. Hearthfire is obviously needed, u know.
Loft Version.
Adds second floor with shrines double bed, chest and cupboard
Adds functional planter
Adds anvil, tanning rack, armor workbench, sharpening stone.
And all things that were in the one floor version exept bed)

Version 1.1
Adds barel for food
Replaces usless booksheves over alchemy table with real bookshelves.
Adds weapon and shield rack over bed.