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The New Dawnguard

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First of all please watch the Video in the Video section for better understanding this Mod and for better comparison between Vanilla textures and my High Resolution Texture Mod !This Awesome Video was made by izon87604 or youtube name Nozi87 ! Please also Rate his Video !
Alternatively you can also watch the Video directly here !

Ok so here it finally is ! The New Dawnguard ! Completely Redone by only me HXP. A New Dawnguard like you have never seen before. Extreme Sharp Textures and Improvements to even the smallest Details. I have worked hard to make it look like it looks Right now. This one is absolutely Lore friendly since I did not add any new Strange Textures.All Textures have a Resolution of 2k = 2048x2048 cause again I want as many as possible Gamers to use my Mod without having a Crash in their Game when then Run low on Memory !

And as a Bonus I have also completely Redone the Heaven Dawnguard Version as many of you know. This one is perfectly done and no more Black Lines. ( Since the other one was just an Experiment like I said before )
But after so many people liking the White one I have decided to Upload it again and give you the Ultimate Dawnguard Heaven Fortress Feeling. You can choose the Banner of Dawnguard in Heaven Pure White or Original in a Resolution of 2048x4096 !

Update: Now there is a Refreshed Version of Dawnguard available ! Better Colors and Weathered Look !

Please Take a look at the Screenshots !



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Credits to Nexus Networks for being there and for Running this Awesome Website ! ( You are the Best )

Credits of Course to Bethesda Softworks for this Tremendous Game with all its possibilites !!!

Thanks to all of you !

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