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An update of Sudracons amazing half mask mod:

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Sudacon did an amazing mod to add half masks to the game so all credit goes to them. It was however created before the CK came about and had some problems particularly a tendancy for the unenchanted version to update into the enchanted version on it's own.

While I'm no expert (this is the first mod I've ever posted) I've had a go at updating the mod to fix the above issue and I've made a cloth unarmoured version as well. Lastly I also made the mask use item slot 44(Mod Face/Mouth) so that it can be worn with helmets/circlet.

Again to stress I'm no expert and this is a bit of a hack job to get around some of the issues with the original that said it works on male and females Due to the need to mess with the Nif settings this is a stand alone mod and if updating from Sundracons you will need to replace any duplicate items.

Use the Nexus Mod Manager (or if not drop into your Skyrim data folder)
Use the Nexus Mod Manager (or remove the esp & texture & mesh files from your Skyrim data folder)

Version History
Version 1.4 Added coloured world models for the red & brown masks
Version 1.3 Fixed issue where standard black Half Mask could vanish after loading a save.
Version 1.2 Added Red & Brown version of all bar the enchanted one
Version 1.1 Added beast race compatibility
Version 1.0 Basic launch (no beast race compatability)