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Adds a drain on stamina while running. Three versions available with addons!

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I am sure there are plenty of new and better mods out there to fill your need for stamina drain. Feel free to use any of the ideas here or in the comments section to develop an even better stamina drain mod. I am leaving the description below for reference of ideas. Happy adventuring!

Being a fan of immersion and realism mods, I have always wondered how you can run around Skyrim forever without ever getting tired while carrying/wearing armor, weapons, and all sorts of treasure.

This made me search for a mod that drains your stamina while you are running (much like in Morrowind). Though the mods that I found were all outdated and require the use of scriptdragon. So I mostly made this mod for myself, but decided to share it with everyone.

What this mod does:
Simple, running now drains your stamina. You can still keep running even if your stamina is at its minimum (it just wont regen until you stop or walk). Personally I use Skyre which penalizes you for having low stamina so I don't want to run into a fight while my stamina is low.

How this mod works:
This mod does not use any scripts. All it does is add one spell to your player that will drain your stamina when running.

Optional Versions:
For the hardcore players out there, I have added 2 optional versions that further increase the stamina drain while running. Please use only one main file ESP.

By request, there are now 3 new addon files available. These files will drain your health if you are running with depleted stamina to simulate a "running your horse down" experience for your character. Please use only one addon ESP.

Compatible with EVERYTHING.

Since I am a fan of realism and immersion, I play with a much lower stamina regen than default, this is to simulate the time it takes for the player to regain his/her breath (instead of almost instantly which is unrealistic to me).

Upcoming changes: (No longer being supported and only for reference of ideas)
I will be working on making the Stamina drain more dynamic by basing it on your current carry weight (not max carry weight). It will be based on a numerical scale and since most players (including myself) use mods that lower carry weight, it will be correlated with the figures from those mods (ex. 200+ carry weight is a burden to handle, 150+ carry weight is also not easy to run with).

I will also be working on an optional addon that will penalize you for running your stamina dry, possible variations might include: not being able to run for a short period, prevent stamina regen for a short time, or falling on the ground.

I will be grateful for any feedback, opinions and suggestions on improving or adding features to this mod.