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Requires Dragonborn DLC!
Requires Skyrim 1.9.xx. If you want to use this for Skyrim SE, use the LOOSE FILES version, or click here!

If you want vanilla Skyrim housecarls to be tanks
You should check out my other mod - "Housecarls Are Tanks"

If you want to be tank instead
You should grab this mod - "I Am A Tank Too!"

French Version Available! (1 Feb 2015)
You can get the French version of this mod from here: Garde du manoir Severin.
Many thanks to Kastalli !

Interesting Info
If you also have Vilja in Skyrim v1.5 (or higher)  modded companion installed, Vilja will chat with Dorethi about various topics during your adventures. Note - this is a feature of Vilja mod, not this one.

What's New in 1.0.3
- New:(SKSE required) Added "No Magic" Fighting style, meaning she will fight like a regular warrior/tank. She will taunt if you've enabled player-protection. Otherwise she'll fight like a regular warrior
- Fixed: AOE Taunts. Now they will never miss the intended target, and will always hit and initiate a taunt.

I understand why there's no "housecarl" given to you in Dragonborn DLC.

But, I still wanted a housecarl-like follower. So, I made one.

I didn't want to screw around with the actual quests that gave you the house, so I just added a new quest that will only trigger once you completed the quests and earned yourself the house in Raven Rock.

Name: Dorethi
Race: Dunmer (DarkElf)
Level: Will level to match player. I did not put a limit.
Potential Marriage Partner: Yes
Class: custom-tweaked Spellsword

Spell list:
- Flames
- Firebolt
- Frostbite
- Ice Spike
- Oakflesh
- Conjure Ash Spawn (Dragonborn DLC spell)
- Candlelight (just for fun)
- Healing

- Juggernaut rank 1
- Shield Wall rank 1
- Armsman rank 1
- Novice Destruction
- DarkElf Racial ability "Ancestor's Wrath"

She is a Redoran Guard, and hence an "elite" soldier (you will know that when you speak to Captain Veleth in normal conversation). She is not a housecarl because it wouldn't make any sense.

How to get her
Once you installed this mod, a quest will automatically trigger if you've already completed "Served Cold" and own Severin Manor. Otherwise, the quest won't trigger and Dorethi won't be present in Raven Rock.

Just go talk to Captain Veleth and persuade him to assign someone to your house :)

- Dorethi has a life - When she's not an active follower, she doesn't just sit around the house eating all your sweetrolls. She will patrol the house, go shopping, go to the tavern etc.

- "Summon" power for Dorethi when she is a follower in case she gets lost.

- "Attack My Target" command to tell Dorethi to initiate combat with a hostile target that has not seen/attacked you yet, or to pull an attacking enemy away from you. The enemy will glow green to indicate you have successfully issued the command. If Dorethi can see the target, and the target is hostile, she will attempt a taunt. If the enemy glows red, it means she has succeeded. In most cases the enemy will immediately switch target to her. Sometimes the enemy may hate you more than her so the target might continue to attack you. Don't worry, Dorethi should have dropped her current combat target and come running to help you. Most of the time anyway :)

- "Help Me" command, to shout for help when you're under attack and you don't know who or where the attacker is. Very similar to "Attack My Target" except without the need to target the enemy. Or if you're surrounded and being hit from all sides :)

- An "auto-taunt" option to automatically attempt to target and engage any hostiles that are attacking you, ie put you as a priority. THIS is what housecarls should have done since they're sworn to protect you and all you own with their lives!

- A "backpack" for player to store items on her. Handy in a dungeon when you're encumbered. She will not use nor equip anything in this backpack.

- "Protect My Target" command to protect another NPC. This NPC can be a follower, or "just coming along for the quest", as long as not hostile. Command is a toggle - use on same target again to cancel protection. Does not protect any NPC (or follower) that is marked "Essential". (New in 1.0.2)

- "Reset Severin Manor mod" spell to reset Dorethi, just in case. Will not reset the quest to talk to Captain Veleth. (New in 1.0.2)

- Able to make arrows out of ingots and firewood. The more she makes the better she will be and make more from the materials you give her. She only knows how to make Nordic Arrows though (basically I'm just lazy to run back to Solstheim to buy more). Initially she can make 10 arrows out of 1 Quicksilver Ingot and 1 Firewood. The number of arrows made will increase with experience, up to a limit. After all there's only so many arrow heads you can make out of 1 ingot and so many arrow shafts out of a piece of firewood. I did not choose to require feathers because basically feathers are hard to get in-game.

She will not be able to make Stahlrim arrows because -
1. Stahlrim Ore is very, very, VERY rare
2. Knowledge of working with Stahlrim is a closely guarded secret by the Skaal.

Give her the materials via normal inventory window. After the materials are in her inventory, she will have a new dialogue option to make arrows. As an example, if you give her 5x ingots and 3x firewood, she will only make 30 arrows, of course. The other 2 ingots will remain in her inventory.

Have not encountered any conflicts yet. Should not conflict with anything in theory. I didn't modify any of the vanilla quests, only added mine to spawn Dorethi when you talk to Captain Veleth after you own Severin Manor.

If you use Severin Manor Improvements mod, I highly recommend you tell Dorethi to move her bed to avoid a clash with the mannequins in the same room.

She will work fine with UFO/EFF/AFT follower mods too, as far as I know.

Recommended Complementary Mod(s)
- Severin Manor Improvement - load this after mine and all should be good. Adds/improves Severin Manor!
- Vilja In Skyrim - Vilja will interact with Dorethi and make her "come alive".

Overwrite and replace files.

NMM - Straightforward install
Manual - copy the files into your Data folder.

NMM - uncheck and uninstall mod. Remember to take back any gear you have given to Dorethi first and dismiss her if you have her as follower!
Manual - uncheck from mod load order and delete the files.

Suggested Load Order
Load this mod before (hence giving lower priority) any other modded companions such as Valfar, Hoth, etc etc.

Why did I make her a Dunmer and wearing Bonemold Armour?
Well first of all, she's not a housecarl. She's supposed to be one of Captain Veleth's troops, hence the Bonemold Armour. Also, she's from Raven Rock, so she would be very likely a Dunmer. Also, you are not given a "housecarl" by Councilor Morvayn, so I had to find a way to get her "in-game" without messing around with the original DLC too much :)

The next logical place to get a fighting-fit follower would be the Redoran Guards.

Plus I didn't want to make her overly powerful. She should be on roughly the same footing as the housecarls you get in vanilla Skyrim.

Common-sense courtesy applies. Please inform me first. I am a very apporachable and friendly guy, and I am very, very likely to agree. All I ask is just a token of recognition in your work :)

- Changed: Dorethi's taunt is now a 20ft Area Of Effect taunt, centred on the attacker.
- New: "Protect My Target" spell to assign 1 other NPC/follower to Dorethi for protection. Spell should be automatically available to the player if you already have Dorethi in your game. Otherwise the spell will be made available through the normal quest. The spell is a toggle. Use again on the same NPC to cancel. You can check who Dorethi is currently protecting in her "Tell me about yourself" dialogue. This NPC need NOT be another follower. It can be any NPC but not a hostile one. A good candidate would be the guy that follows you to Eldergleam Sanctuary :) Note - will not protect any NPC that is "Essential".
- New: Added a new "Reset Severin Manor Guard" spell, in case it's needed. Don't worry it won't make you go through the whole quest again, it just "resets" Dorethi if something were to go wrong.
- Fixed: If Dorethi is set to protect the player, she should no longer taunt and engage attacker when player is in a brawl. Same goes for Protected Target.
- Fixed: Fighting styles will now be remembered between saves if you had told her to fight differently from default (SKSE required for this function).
- Added - LocTypePlayerHouse keyword to Severin Manor (I don't know what else it does, but it makes it possible for me to use Convenient Horses saddlebags while inside the house).

- Tweaked/Fixed: Auto-taunt throttled to prevent spamming and possibly causing CTDs or game lag. This was very apparent when player is being hit by an enemy's flame/frost/shock cloak effect. Now she only auto-taunts once every 20 seconds.
- Minor tweak: Initial conversation with Dorethi after speaking to Captain Veleth has a more meaningful reply for giving you her notebook (just for immersion purposes).

1.0.1 beta
- Tell Dorethi to move the bed by herself, don't need an optional ESP file
- Tell Dorethi to stop, or continue, her patrolling duties (to avoid future clashes if she is unable to walk around a heavily-modified Severin Manor)
- Tell Dorethi to protect you by automatically pulling any attacking enemy away from you... or at least, try to :)
- Added a backpack to Dorethi. She will not use or equip anything in this backpack.
- Tweaked "Help Me" command slightly to look for additional targets
- Tweaked sleeping AI slightly to workaround getting stuck at stairs
- Remove drunk animations from her Tavern AI, cuz she seem to be getting "stuck" in that animation.
- "Tell me about yourself" dialogue no longer requires SKSE. Only 1 line will show "SKSE required" if you don't have it installed.
- "Upgraded" her starting gear to Elven quality - this is to be more in line with what the Redoran Guard actually use in Raven Rock

1.0 beta
- Added AI to patrol the house, go to the bar etc
- Added a bed and a chair to the house for Dorethi to use
- Added ability to make nordic arrows out of ingots and firewood
- Added Summon, Help Me and Attack My Target commands for player