Legendary Dawnbreaker by mluppov
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Added: 04/03/2013 - 10:21AM
Updated: 22/03/2013 - 03:03AM

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Last updated at 3:03, 22 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 10:21, 4 Mar 2013

ATTENTION! Dawnguard DLC REQUIRED for All-in-One version!

Please check my other themed mod here: Meridia's Light

PLEASE ENDORSE if you like it! :)

Have you ever thought that your Dawnbreaker is too small for the legendary sword? How warrior of the light even going to fight with such a tiny thing? If you thought about this, then you've come to the right place!

Sword became bigger. It's base damage increased up to 15. Sword draws energy from the Sun (no need to recharge it) and cause sun damage ONLY to undead. Meridia hate only undead after all. Enchantment was redone with new Sun spells including explosion. Starting from v3.2 there is alternate version without explosion and with turn to ashes on death effect (only undead).

Don't like new enchantment? Fear not! You can use MESH module ONLY and combine it with any STATs and Texture mod of your personal taste.
Also this mod does NOT contain sword textures. If you want them you can use this for instance: Noldorian Dawnbreaker
It's the best current texture mod for this sword if you ask me.

Mesh module is compatible with any mods except those with Dawnbreaker meshes. So, if you want to use my mod you need to overwrite during installation.
Optional positioning module is NOT compatible with any mod that edits or adds custom skeletons.
Optional .esp module in NOT compatible with any mod that modifies Dawnbreaker's stats. Also you NEED DAWNGUARD dlc for this module!

If you experience any type of problems with this mod you need to know that you have them not from this mod directly, but maybe from some kind of incompatibility with your other mod. Try to use modular version and to enable/disable each module to find the conflicting one. After that please make a post about what module cased your problems and I'll investigate why this happen and do my best to eliminate the problem.

Use NMM!

Load order:
To ensure nothing will override this mod, put it last in your load order. It will not alter anything, but Dawnbreaker sword! But if you'll put it in the other place, then other mods could override this one and we don't want this. Do we?

Basic module of this mod contains mesh ONLY! If you want better stats, use optional .esp module or any .esp at your choise. If you want better textures you need additional texture mod. I use this one: (Noldorian Dawnbreaker)
Weapon positioning was adjusted to "SPOA Silver Knight Armor" set so it may and will cause clipping with some armor types. Also it is NOT compatible with any mod which edits or adds custom skeletons.

Personal credits to Ekseth for his "Dawnguard Dawnbreaker" mod, as I was inspired by his creation.
I've mainly took his idea on upgrading sword with new Sun spells from Dawnguard DLC.

For better blood decals this mod is essential to have: Enhanced Blood Textures

Armor on screens is SPOA Silver Knight Armor