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A Retexture of The Ice Wraiths and Dragon Priests

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Yes we all know them, the Dragon Priests and the Ice Wraiths and of course we all like them. But for me they always had a look like they were a little bit washed out. But now after I have been working on those Guys I am finally ready and would like to Share them with you all.

This is a High Quality Texture Redone in 4k Resolution = 4096x4096 for the Dragonpriests

The Ice Wraiths were completey Retextured and added with a little bit more Glowing so they will also stand out a little bit more and have a little bit more 3D Effect. Colours and Contrast has been improved.

This one is absolutely Lore Friendly since there are no new or any Strange Textures added.

I have completely Retextured the Dragon Priest and worked also a little Bit on the Contrast to make it stand out and give a little more 3D Effect.

I have also worked a little bit on the Dragonpriest Weapons this means the Dragonpriest Knife and their Staff.
I worked on the Contrast and did some Colorwork on them too.
The Weapons are in 2k Resolution but will also stand out now a little Bit more with 3D effect.

Now there is also a Red Glowing Version of the Ice Wraiths - ( My Friends call them Blood Wraiths cause of the Color ) Check the Screenshots

The Dragonpriest is also Completely Redone now and is available in 2K version ( So many Requests to make them in 2K) - Improved as usual ! Check the Screenshots !


I know there are some Draonpriest Retextures here, but I was still missing some Contrast and Colours for my taste.
I didn't steel nobodys work. All Textures where extracted from the Skyrim Textures.bsa and me only worked on them.

So if you like it try it.

Also take a look at my other Mods.

How to Install:

Simply Drop the Textures Folder into your Skyrim Data Folder.
Manual Install Only

Credits to Bethesda Softworks

Credits to Nexus of course !

Thanks to all of you !

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