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Reduce the number of Soul Gems you're carrying by upgrading them into better ones or save up to build a reusable "Arcane Soul Gem."

By the time you reach higher levels, it seems silly when you discover a petty soul gem. This mod allows you to take all those gems and combine them to create larger ones. You can also extract "Ethereal Powder" from a variety of items you'll find along your adventures (but never use) including Scrolls, Skulls, Bones, and so much more. Add Ethereal Powder to Flawless Gems to create Black Soul Gems, Combine Black Soul Gems and Grand Soul Gems to create reusable Arcane Soul Gems.

How to use Enchanting Tools

First Add the Arcane Hammer and Arcane Augmenter to your home. In the console, type help Arcane, type the ID # provided for the Hammer in the command: player.placeatme ######### in the place of ######### and then do it again for the Augmenter. The two items will land around in your home somewhere. Pick them up and put them where you feel best (I put them on my Enchanting Bench).

If you can't find one of the tools (probably the hammer) it may have dropped through the floor. You may have to add it a few times, try standing in different locations when reattempting.

Once you have the tools, use the Hammer to pound Gem Fragments out of jewelry and pulverize items (see list below) into Ethereal Powder. The Augmenter allows you to combine Gem Fragments into smaller Precious Gems, smaller Precious Gems into Flawless ones, smaller Soul Gems into larger ones, Flawless Gems and Ethereal Powder into Black Soul Gems, and finally Grand Soul Gems and Black Soul Gems into Arcane Soul Gems.
This process may sound a bit messy, but once you start doing it, it makes a lot of sense real fast.

INSTALLATION: Pretty straightforward, just make sure it's in your Data file.

Recipe List

1.0 (available for download)

- New Tools to help you have more fun with Enchanting.

Working on...
- Might, just might, try to add the tools to vanilla houses, but that takes time, so we'll see

Known Bugs/Issues
-Tools (Hammer usually) might drop through the floor when you add them. Just try it again (possibly after reloading) in a different location, might have to do this a few times