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4 heightmaps for Skyrim, three 1024x1024 islands, and one 2048x2048 coastal landscape.

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Here you'll find 4 different heightmaps for Skyrim; three 1024x1024 pixels large island heightmaps, and a larger 2048x2048 coastal landscape with mountains (and even landscape LOD).

These files are uploaded as a modder's resource, and therefore the landscapes consists entirely of Skyrim's splendid default land texture, in all it's beautiful brown greyish glory.

Even though these heightmaps were not «custom made» for any potential downloaders, I still hope they are reasonably detailed and/or varied enough to be of use. I've tried to give them a balanced mix between larger and lesser land details, while also keeping some space for the occasional field - not to forget all those Skyrim static kit pieces.

Island01 is more smooth and less mountaineous than island02, the latter is generally more steep and wild, although not quite up to any Lord of the Rings standard. Island03 is more steep than any of the two first ones, as it is basically a huge 386 meters tall central mountain with small valleys eroding down from it towards the sea. The coastland heightmap consists, as the name so sublimely hints at, of a coastal landscape to the east, and then highlands, mountains and lakes to the southwest and northwest. Some of the mountains are so steep that they don't need or leave much room for the static mountain peak kit pieces generally used in Skyrim, but alas, I just couldn't help myself.

The three islands don't come with LOD, but if you're looking for a base from which to further develop an island or a world or just generelly have some fun, feel free to download the files and do as you please.

If you want to create LOD files for your worldspace you need to use Oscape, available here on the Nexus. Remember though, that the default land height used here is -8192, and default water height and water LOD is 0. I've added some photos with LOD, so you can get a better impression of how the heightmaps look by default.

The heightmaps were made using free programs like Gimp, L3DT Standard Edition and TESannwyn, in addition to the Creation Kit.


Island01, Island02 and Island03:
Download the zip file and unpack it with 7zip, WinRar or a similar program. Slip the esp into your Skyrim data folder, check it in your Steam-list and fire up the Creation Kit or Skyrim. In the CK: Check both Skyrim.esm and for instance island01.esp in your load list, locate "island01" in your cell view window's worldspace scrolldown menu and load it into your render window. For an ingame check hit the tilde key and type in «cow island01 0,0».

This zip file contains both the esp file and the landscape LOD files (Data/textures, Data/meshes and Data/lodsettings). If you're OK with not LOD you can just paste the esp into your Skyrim data folder, if you want LOD to work you have to merge in the three other folders in their respective places also.

Important: The esp file (and worldspace) for Coastland is called lotr09i, not "coastland". Sorry for the inconvenience and somewhat cryptic naming convention.