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Vampires and werewolves must hide their identities from the people of Skyrim.

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Special Edition version:

Predators is a role playing tool for werewolves and vampires. The aim is to reflect the healthy fear and wariness of the public around these cursed individuals.

Predators is highly customizable. YOU decide if being a beast of the night is your most defining trait, or just one more supernatural ability. You decide if the need to feed the beast is a constant, overpowering hunger or merely a minor annoyance. You decide if Predators is merely a roleplaying tool or the most powerful game mechanic in the game.

Upgrading: If you are upgrading from 3.x, cure yourself of your curse using the MCM and then upgrade. You may have to reset some of your custom settings. If you are upgrading from 2.x or before you will have to start a new game.

Red text indicates that there is an MCM option to tweak or disable a feature. MCM options will allow a player to tailor how much your predator nature dominates gameplay. You can make being a werewolf your primary concern in the game or reduce the effects to a mere occasional nuisance.

Secret Identity
Werewolves and vampires must keep their identities secret or become outlaws. There are three new tracked stats, which are compared to calculate the player's risk of being discovered.

The populace’s current level of concern that a werewolf or vampire might be living among them is measured by a new stat called Suspicion. This statistic is tracked separately for each hold and starts at 0 for most holds. Each time you feed on a humanoid, suspicion in your current hold will increase by 1 to a maximum of 5. If there is no vampire or werewolf activity in a hold, that number will decrease by 1 every 7 days. Suspicion represents a rough estimate that you might be accused of being a werewolf or vampire.

Renown represents the level of trust and comfort the people of a hold have with you. There are 5 levels of renown:

  1. Known (at least 3 friends in the hold)
  2. Well known (at least 5 friends in the hold)
  3. Resident (own property in the hold)
  4. Thane (become thane of a hold)
  5. Hero (complete either the Main Quest or Civil War)
These levels do not stack, so if you become thane and also own a house you still only have 4 reknown, and you cannot gain 5 reknown without completing either the main questline or the civil war questline.

Renown acts as a “buffer” against rising suspicion. Even if they are certain there is a werewolf or a vampire prowling the hold, the people wouldn’t think of accusing the hero who reunited the country.

Vampires and werewolves now have a “Humanity” stat that measures how much their true nature shows through. Humanity starts at 5 (Unquestionable) and various factors cause predators to lose humanity points.

At 4 Humanity, you emit a mystical aura that gives a bonus to haggling and persuasion. At 3 humanity and below, people start to sense the maliciousness in that aura, and they become nervous and twitchy. You no longer have a bonus to persuasion but you gain a bonus to intimidation.

Each time you speak to an NPC, your risk of being accused by that NPC will be calculated based on how well they know you, their current concern, your current humanity, and their relationship to you. The formula is:

Risk = 5 + Suspicion - Humanity - Renown - Relationship Rank

If your risk is >5, the NPC will accuse you of being a werewolf or vampire. This will set off an alarm and cause all guards and the NPC in question to turn hostile.

If you have a renown of 3 or higher when you are accused of being a werewolf or vampire, you will lose the benefits of your current level of Renown in that hold. You can still increase your Renown, but never higher to more than 2. The people may be hesitant to accuse the Dragonborn of being a vampire, but if he’s already been proven to be one once he’d better not turn up again with glowing yellow eyes and pale skin.

If you are recognized a second time, you may be banished from the Hold forever or have your home seized by guards.

Both werewolves and vampires have far more advantages than they did before, though these abilities are derived heavily from those found in vanilla Skyrim.

Werewolves have the following abilities:

Werewolves take penalties to Humanity from the following factors:
  • -2 when the Beast is hungry
  • -5 when under the effects of a Howl
  • -1 when using Wolf Senses
  • -1 at night.

In werewolf form, werewolves can select a howl using the favorites menu just like Vampire Lords. Werewolves have access to three howls in both human and werewolf form:
  • Howl of Terror
  • Howl of Brotherhood
  • Howl of the Wolf Spirit

Howl of Terror and the Howl of Brotherhood are from the vanilla game. Howl of the Spirit Wolf grants etherealness for 8 seconds. The Howl of Brotherhood and Howl of the Spirit grant -5 to humanity for their duration. If you are seen using a Howl by a law-abiding citizen of Skyrim, they will immediately alert the guards that you are a werewolf. Wolves summoned by the Howl of Brotherhood do not count against your summoning limit. Using a Howl while Sated (see below) will make the werewolf hungrier sooner.

Night Speech
The effects of your werewolf howls scale with your speechcraft skill.

Werewolves can toggle their wolf senses, allowing them to see in the dark and track the movement of blooded creatures from a distance by their scent, and non-living creatures by the sounds they make when they move. Using your werewolf senses incurs a -1 penalty to humanity.

Revert Form
Werewolves can revert their form at any time, just like the Vampire Lord.

Werewolves must consume the hearts of humanoids in order to remain sated. While sated, Werewolves gain +50% Magicka, Health, and Stamina regeneration in human form. While hungry, magicka regeneration is reduced by -100 (this effect can be disabled or modified through the MCM).
Feeding on a humanoid heart will make a hungry werewolf sated for 12 hours. Feeding on subsequent hearts while sated will add 24 hours to the timer for each heart consumed. So you could conceivably eat 20 hearts at once and be sated for 20 days straight. Feeding on animals sates the beast for less time.

“Lesser” Transformation
In addition to being able to transform once per day at any time (by means of the vanilla werewolf greater power), werewolves can transform as many times as they want at night. “Night” is determined as the same times that vampires do not receive sun damage – 7pm to 5am.

Werewolves can harvest hearts from sleeping or charmed victims, saving the hearts to consume later in order to stave off the Beast's hunger without transforming. Harvesting hearts increases Suspicion.

Vampires are much more powerful mages with innate spellcasting ability. They pay for their vampiric spells with a corpse-like body that is vulnerable to sunlight and regenerates stamina slowly or not at all.

Vampires start with 5 humanity and take the following penalties:
  • -1 per stage of vampirism after the first (max -3).
  • -2 for summoning undead or raising zombies (may be disabled through MCM).
  • -1 when outside in the daylight.
  • -1 when using hunter’s vision.
  • -5 when using the vampiric reflexes, vampiric invisibility, or mist form spells.
  • -5 when using the vampiric drain spell.
  • -2 when using other Blood magic.

The vampire gains progressively more powerful Whispers of power as he progresses through the stages of vampirism:
  • Whisper of Soul Sight - Detect all creatures animated by souls in a large vicinity for 1 second. This is undetectable to civilians.
  • Whisper of Desire - Calm a humanoid or undead for 30 seconds. Humanoids can be fed off of while charmed in this way.
  • Whisper of Shadows - Turn invisible for 180 seconds as long as you remain crouched and move slowly. If the effect is broken, it can be recast by dropping into a crouch or waiting 3 seconds.
  • Whisper of Ages - Slow time for several seconds.
  • Whisper of Mists - Transform into mist.

Vampire Whispers are completely silent.

Blood Magic
Vampires have telekinetic control of blood, which grows as their body becomes more desiccated.
  • Vampiric Drain - Absorbs health from living enemies and paralyzes them.
  • Vampiric Grip - Lifts an enemy into the air and boils their blood.
  • Summon Gargoyle - Imbues non-living material with blood magic, creating a golem to do your bidding.
  • Corpse Curse - Paralyzes a target for several seconds.
  • Vampire’s Servant - raises a zombie for 180 seconds. Does not count against your summoning limit (total of 2).

If you are detected using a vampire whisper or blood magic, local suspicion will increase by 2. If this increase causes suspicion to increase to >=5, an accusation check will be made instantly.

Night Speech
The effects of your werewolf howls scale with your speechcraft skill.

Vampires become more corpse-like the longer they go without feeding. Stamina regeneration slows and ultimately stops completely. However, power attacks also require significantly less stamina to execute.

Vampires have the option of draining their victims entirely, killing them and feeding themselves at the same time.

Vampires can harvest blood from sleeping or willing victims, killing them and granting a vial of blood for later consumption.