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Different Packs for Skyrim Galaxys and Nebulas - 2k 4k 8k

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This Pack Contains 5 different Galaxys all made by me HXP for Skyrim. The Images were taken from Hubble Space Telescope and they were all released on for Public use.
I know there are a few Galaxy mods here on Nexus Networks and I dont push nobody to use mine. But I just wanted to share this Mod with you all, so you can enjoy a few New Galaxys in your Game. I didnt copy no ones work and maybe there are similar Galaxys like mine but just as I said all the pictures where taken from the above Website and Me alone worked on them to make them compatible with Skyrim.
All Galaxys have a Resolution of 2k, 4k, and some 8k !
Please Watch the Videos !

The Name of the Galaxys and Nebulas added:

1 - Hubble captures view of “Mystic Mountain” ( Nebula )

2 - Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula ( Nebula )

3 - Spectacular Hubble view of Centaurus A ( Galaxy )

4 - The Eagle has risen Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula ( Nebula )

5 - Star birth in the extreme ( This one is my Favorite ) ( Nebula )

Just take a look at the Screenshots.
And New here are the Videos made by Users:

or just watch it above in the Video Section !

And feel free to Upload your own Screenshots here with Names of the Galaxy or Nebula you used from this Package !

How to Install:

Just choose the Galaxy you want to see in your Skyrim Nightsky and Put in your Skyrim Data folder.
Please only use 1 cause they will overwrite each other.
You can Install them one by one. That means first Install the one you would like to see. Than play your game and test it. Then quit the Game and delete the Galaxy or just overwrite it with the next one. So you can change your Galaxy whenever you want. This Mod took me Hours of Texture work so if you like it please Endorse me.
I am also working on Improvements for the Textures and will soon add more Galaxys to Skyrim. So this is just the first Release and I hope you will enjoy it like I do. I love Stars and Galaxys in Real Life so thats why for me this is so Beautiful to see in Skyrim.


Ok so here it is finaly the Galaxy and Nebula Pack 2 . This Pack Contains 10 New Galaxys for Skyrim.
I have included the Screenshots in the Pack in each folder with the Name of the Galaxy.
Just Replace the one you like in your Skyrim Data/Textures/Sky Folder. Or if you dont have the Folder than just create it and place the File inside there. BUt I think you all know how this works.
THis was a long process to edit all these Galaxys and it took my whole day, but now here it is for you.

These Galaxys and Nebulas are added:

1 - A galactic disc, edge-on and up close

2 - A star formation laboratory

3 - Andromeda Galaxy (M31) wide-field

4 - Birth of Our Galaxy

5 - Colliding galaxies make love, not war

6 - Ghostly Reflections in the Pleiades

7 - Hubble captures view of “Mystic Mountain” ( New Improved Version )

8 - Outer-Space-Nebulae-Gas-Cloud-Fresh ( This one was made by Request )

9 - Star on a Hubble diet

10 - The belly of the cosmic whale

All Galaxys and Nebulas have 4096x2048 Resolution and I couldnt messure any FPS loss. It also depends on your Machine like every other mod how stable your game is running. I could also use higher Resolutions but I wanted as many as possible people to be able to use my mod without having a Crash on their Game when they are running low on memory.
I am still working on more and will update some new and Improved Galaxys over time.
Feel free to upload your Pictures with this Mod.
In Future updates I will try to make an Optional Ultra High Resolution Pack with more than 8K Resolution.
But for now everybody should be able to enjoy the Beauty of this Skyrim Galaxys and Nebulas in their Nightsky.


Thanks to all of you !


If you like to see more of Skyrim Galaxies then you should also take a look for this Standalone Mod I have made from the Hubble Ultra Deep Field from the Hubble Space Telescope !
The Resolution is higher than this ones here. It is 4096x4096

If you have time and like my Mods than you should also look here:

There is Now an Optional File for some 8k Textures:

For now these are in 8096 Resolution

1 - Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula 8096x4096

2 - Star birth in the extreme 8096x4096

3 - The belly of the cosmic whale 8096x4096

4 - The Eagle has risen Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula4096x4096

These Textures are Redone and dont look to much stretchy. Of course these ones are looking the best, but also they need more ressources from your machine!

More is on the Way !

Ok after so many people asking me what kind of Skystars I am using i have decided to upload them in an Optional File.
They were all taken from the Skyrim Textures.bsa and me only worked on them.

This pack only contains the Skystars and the Auroras.
Combine these Mod together with my other Galaxy Mods and you will have a Beautiful Night in Skyrim that you will never forget.

I have Improved these Files with Color and Contrast and also Retextured them to 4k for High Resolution Feeling.
Now the Skystars will stand out more and the Auroras just look Beautiful in 4k HD.

Just place them in your Skyrim Folder and you are good to go.

Update: Newest Version
Ok so here are 5 Galaxie Completely Redone and Improved and no more Cut in the Textures happening to some people !

This Galaxies are Redone and even better than ever !

1 - Edge-On View of NGC 40132k

2 - Hubble views NGC 4402 2k

3 - Light and Shadow in the Carina Nebula 4k

4 - Spectacular Hubble view of Centaurus A 2k

5 - The Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2k ( As a Bonus )

More is on the Way - Please be Patient !




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