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Last updated at 17:23, 23 May 2013 Uploaded at 4:57, 2 Mar 2013

DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DLC (Sorry for all the errors, everyone! Everything should be in working order now.)

There are TWO VERSIONS available! Check the download section for version 0.7b!

v0.5: Original version, just the spell.
v0.6: Tweaked damage, custom sound effects, added spellbook to Riverwood Trader.
v0.7: Tweaked damage (again), custom scripted disintegrate effect, custom spellbook texture. Removed the draw/sheath sfx because it was loud and obnoxious.
v0.7b: Removed spell book and added scripted gloves which add the spell when equipped.

Now with Videos!
Thanks to conrad512 and JJstudios for taking the time to showcase my mod!

New video with cool Iron Man armor by dptheslothking!Well, the video is by him. The armor is by Motch1391 It also shows off the scripting which disintegrates stuff, which wasn't in the first videos. :)

Edit: Fixed the screenshots. Thanks Pudgygrunt & BlazesRus!!

What this mod does: Adds an extremely overpowered spell to the game, called Repulsor Blast. It is a fire-and-forget Destruction spell that does massive damage to both health and stamina. Seriously, you can one-shot pretty much anything but dragons with this baby. Script effect pushes the target away and disintegrates them; like a real super-laser!

****UPDATE 0.7B****
Added an alternate version of the mod that uses scripted gloves to add the spell when equipped and remove the spell when unequipped. No spell book in this version. The gloves for now can be found in the Riverwood Trader, same as the spell book.

Custom sounds by me, custom script effects courtesy of BrotherBob, custom spellbook texture courtesy of MudermeisteR

How to get the spell: Lucan Valerius likes his Iron Man comics. Look for the comic book on top of a barrel in the Riverwood Trader, beneath the stairs.

Now that you've got the spell, go use it to roast some bandits!

Edit2: Now compatible with Nexus Mod Manager, thanks to brokefoot. If you don't know how to use NMM, WHY ARE YOU HERE? GET OFF THE NEXUS!! Kidding.

1. Download with Manager
2. Activate the mod
3. Profit.

Manual install:
1. Extract .esp and .bsa to your Skyrim data folder
2. Check "repulsor.esm" in your load order
3. Profit.

Future Plans for this mod:
-Custom beam projectile! ***HELP WANTED***
-Possibly scripted gloves that add/remove the spell when equipped/unequipped. Finished!
-More impact! When Iron Man blasts people, they go flying like 20 feet. Soon as I can figure out how, this spell will definitely aim to duplicate that. Why? Because why not? :D Finished!

Recommended Mods:
If you like the beam but wish it was a concentration spell, try Repulsor Beam by MurdermeisteR. His also comes with neat comic-book texture for the spellbook, and was even nice enough to whip up some spellbook textures for my mod, as well! Look forward to it in an update! Update 0.7 is up!

To look like a Skyrim Iron Man, I recommend these mods:
Space Wiking Dwemer Exoskeleton (gives your character some extra hitting power.)
Aetherium Armor and Weapons (the armor in the screenshots)
Flying Mod Beta (for all your Iron Man flight needs.)

To look like a LITERAL Iron Man, there's this:
Vibranium Helmet by Motch 1391

For your home-away-from-home, I recommend:
The Tesseract by Butterscotch Cream, it's a Dwemer-themed player home that is beautifully crafted, and has everything you need in a home. Oh, and you can access it from literally anywhere.

As of Update 0.7, this mod contains the work of two other modders, BrotherBob and MurdermeisteR. I don't care if you use the sound effects I've provided, but if you'd like to use the scripts or textures, please contact these two for permission.

If you want the sound files, message me and I'll get them to you. They are now available for download under the Misc section.

MurdermeisteR for the awesome comic book texture
BrotherBob for the script effect on the spell, as well as patience with a complete noob.
Bethesda for making the CK and Skyrim
Stan Lee for making Iron Man
And YOU for downloading this. ...You're gonna download my mod, right? Riiiiight?