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Leveler's Retreat v1.0

Please, familiarize yourself with the original mod, WilliamSea's Leveler's Tower


This mod will not work in coexistence with The Leveler's Tower.

Dowload BOTH the esp. and esm. files, extract all the contained files to Skyrim/Data folder, and activate BOTH files.

coc levelerstower02 (Interior)
coc levelerstower03 (Arena)
coc levelerstower05 (Garden)
coc levelerstower09 (Library)


The tower is located North of Helgen, just to the right as you exit the Helgen dungeon.

Features; In order of appearance
(For more options, activate while in sneak/crouch mode)

Entry Hall;
*12 L/R weapon and shield plaques
*Labeled armor storage
*Labeled weapons storage
*Labeled misc. storage
*6 Weapon plaques

*Player bed
*Empty noble chest
*Artifacts chest (See below)
*Potion condenser
*Potion safe
*Soulgem condenser
*Soulgem safe
(Cheat buttons)
*3 Mannequins

*Arcane enchanter
*Alchemy workbench
*Ingredient pots & auto-sorter
*Tanning rack
*Interactive training dummy
*4 Bookshelves

*Unique shrines of Talos, Nocturnal, Azura and Mara
*9 Divines shrines
*9 Divines Amulet display

*4 Scrollcases
*40 Bookshelves
*Teleport maps to; dragon mounds, cities and settlements, and war camps

*Critter jar display
*34 Mannequins
*8 Dagger display cases
*32 Weapon racks
*36 Shield plaques

Unique Display;

24 Barenziah's gems
Barenziah's (completed) crown
10 Dragon priest mask busts
Dragon claws
Azura's star (broken and cleansed)
Masque of C.Vile
Blade of sacrifice
Mehrunes' razor
Dragon preist dagger
Blade of woe
Skeleton key
Reuful axe
Sanguine rose
Skull of corruption
Mace of Molag bal
Targe of the blooded
Elder scroll
Shield of Ysgramor
Map of dragon burials
Boethiah's proving
Oghma infinium
Torygg's war horn
Runed lexicon
Essence extractor
Right eye of the falmer
Ring of Namira
Ring of Hircine
Model ship
Queen bee statue
Headman's axe
Hevnoraak's staff
Staff of Magnus
Spider control rod
Nightingale bow
Nightingale blade

Artifacts Chest
Located above the players bed, this chest is filled with unique and quest items.
Use the chest as you wish, cheat or simply replace lost items.
Includes all items for display in home armory except Dreamstride.
Please do not ask where to find items in vanilla game.


Removed clipping dibella statue
Fixed out of place mara base
Altered smithing area
Added missing stairs in Arena
Added Insanity's Charts and Armor Stands
Added missing texture to main file