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Walls that divide Hearthfire house's bedroom wing into two areas, and doors for the regular bedrooms.

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This is a compilation of several small mods I haven't gotten around to turn into one file. A group of them add doors to the second floor bedrooms in the Hearthfire houses. The other divides the bedroom wings into two areas, so you and your spouse can get your kink on without your poor children staring and being traumatized for life!

A bit more detail on each:

Some Privacy, Please! - Doors
Ever wanted to call for your spouse and get your honeymoon freak on without the kids/steward/bard/all of the above being able to see? Now you can! Besides adding the doors, the passage between the master room and the kids' bedroom is blocked with another door.

I'll also include the very first version I made, which is only for Lakeview Manor; this one blocks the passage between bedrooms with a cupboard instead. This version adds some extra storage - a cupboard, a wardrobe, a strongbox and a chest.

The final file here adds simple doors to the master and housecarl's bedrooms in Hjerim, the player house available in Windhelm after making some progress through the main questline.

Some Privacy, Please! - Bedroom Wing Walls
Several people requested these simple walls that divide the bedroom wing in two. The pictures I'm using are outdated - the walls match the rest of the house, with the regular plastered look.

The only requirement for this mod is not to build the "square table and chairs" here, since the walls will go through them. One of the screenshots points out what table to avoid. To compensate, I placed two smaller tables on each side of the wall. I'd also recommend installing this mod after furnishing the room, since the wall goes right through the workbench.

Steam Workshop Links
I originally made this mod for the Steam Workshop. You can take a look and subscribe here:
- Doors - Windstad
- Doors - Heljarchen
- Doors - Lakeview
- Doors - Lakeview (Cupboard)
- Doors - Hjerim
- Bedroom Wing Walls - Windstad
- Bedroom Wing Walls - Heljarchen
- Bedroom Wing Walls - Lakeview

To install, place the files in your 'SteamSteamAppsCommonSkyrimData' folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp.