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Adds small attics to each Hearthfire house, including two beds and a cot for the household team.

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Hello everybody! This small mod adds some attics to the Hearthfire houses were you can store stuff or relax after a long day.

This is a 'peace of mind' kinda mod. I originally made it for Lakeview Manor, but since it proved popular, I decided to make it available for the other two houses added by Hearthfire, which means it is the same furniture and clutter for each. It's not perfect, of course, but it always annoyed me how you have no visible bedroom for your steward and bard anywhere. Do they sleep in the cellar? Oh my! That's just not right! And what about the carriage driver? Poor guy, out there in the cold all day.

The trapdoor to enter is in the entryway, so it shouldn't conflict with anything. The first half of the attic has some storage, a cooking pot, and plenty of clutter and food; perfect for those items you want to keep around, but have no idea of where to hide them so the kids don't see them! (I actually made these as a sort of replacement for the storage wing). The other half is two small bedrooms for your steward and bard. I also placed a small cot for your carriage driver.

Of course, I don't think they can actually go up there - but still, at least they DO have a place to stay. I also took the time to rename the cellar to 'Cellar' instead of '*House Name*, Cellar'. It was just bothering me.

I'm including variants without walls and only one bed. I made the first one, Lakeview, as sort of a hideout for my character. We all need to get away from the world every once in a while! There are some bookshelves, a mannequin, two weapon racks, a display case, a plaque, a usable anvil, and the aforementioned bed, among plenty of clutter for you to hoard.

Gao AsaurusG made a lovely preview video of the Lakeview version with walls, thank you!

Feel like giving another attic a go? Try out kar2nz's beautiful Hearthfires Attics here!

Important Update 4/15/13
I (finally) corrected the ghastly navmesh work (how I miss being a newb in the Creation Kit...) so hopefully things should work better now. Also added some idle markers so anybody living there will do more than just sit around and crunchily eat bread, keeping the kids up at night. Due to some issues with the Lakeview "walled" version, make sure to remove all your important items/people from this attic before updating it! I will keep the old version of Lakeview up in case of trouble.

I originally made this mod for the Steam Workshop. Links to each attic are here:

- Lakeview Manor
- Lakeview Manor (No Walls)
- Heljarchen Hall
- Heljarchen Hall (No Walls)
- Windstad Manor
- Windstad Manor (No Walls)

To install, place the files in your 'SteamSteamAppsCommonSkyrimData' folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp.